Thursday, 20 September 2012

Find Your Autumn Motivation - Thought for Thursday

Here in the UK, it will officially be Autumn on Saturday - my favourite season of the year. There is a distinct nip in the air already, temperatures have dropped, and evenings are much cooler.

Very soon the foliage on the trees will turn shades of yellow, orange and red, before fading to brown. Leaves will flutter to the ground, creating a rich woodland carpet with that deliciously distinct scent of pine and damp earth.

Autumn at Calke Park - Maria A Smith

Thoughts turn to spending cosy evenings in, and outdoor activities will be put on hold until Spring.  The lure of a roaring fire in the log burner, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate is already conjured up in my writers mind.

As we hibernate in our homes, how will you look at your work with renewed energy and interest?

I've learnt over time that its very hard to constantly find ways of staying motivated. We must refuel regularly and not let the tank run dry.

I'm assuming you already have the desire to achieve your chosen goal, write more short stories, get on with the novel, enter competitions, or maybe pitch some articles, whatever, but maybe you're a little like me, you can't take the right actions for a consistent enough time, and therefore you aren't completing your goals? So before you do anything perhaps what you need to do is recharge.

If you've found your motivation has faded, its probably your bodies way of telling you to take it easy. Have a break from writing. Stop pushing yourself so hard, and get a good nights sleep, or better still get two or three.

Book a day away. Go for a picnic in the park, a long walk, and enjoy the changing season, or enrol on a workshop for the day, do something totally different. Learn to knit, make chocolates, bake a cake, or paint with watercolours. Whatever, you chose, make a day out of it.

Afterwards, come back to your desk, sit down, and write your goal down. Next, write down the reason why you want to Then make sure you connect with your reasons often. Look at the reason daily and commit it to mind.

How will you find your motivation to go into Autumn?


  1. Hi Maria,

    I remember when I used to live in England and I dreaded the coming of autumn because of the cold, wet weather it inevitably brings.

    I find that my motivation is heavily influenced by the weather, so over here in Malaysia where it's summer all year round, I find myself constantly motivated for work, play and life.

    But taking a break is indeed important from time to time, wherever you are!

    1. Yes, there is an element of what the weather is doing. And we have been robbed of a summer here this year. I am sure it makes a huge difference to people.

      Lucky you in the lovely sunshine, hope you are making the most of it...

  2. When summer has had its last fling, the writer's mood can often match the mellow shades of autumn. There is a slower more reflective look at what has passed in the year; what has been achieved and especially what goals remain before 2012 closes.

    We are often buoyed to move forward on the back of weeks of wonderful summer days and play. In the UK, this autumn will bring challenges to test the reslience of some of us. The lack of decent weather has not enabled batteries to be fully charged. Maybe this will trigger a wave of melancholy writing and poetry, maybe we will face the march of winter on the defence. A magical summer of sport has provided sunshine amongst the rain, so I guess 'we will get on with it' as we usually do, and leave the central heating off for as long as possible.

    I'm reviewing my remaining goals for this year on 30th September. Gives me time to think before then and its a good trigger point upon which to regroup.

    1. Giggling reading your comment Keith...the central heating question, should we or shouldn't we turn it on? Quite shocking what we have to pay out over the winter months...

      Reviewing the rest of 2012 is good practice. Do share with us what you are up to, I know you are close to completing your book? Every success with that, I know its been challenging...

  3. Lovely ideas for refuelling, Maria. I love Autumn too and always find it brings a surge in my creativity. I'm not sure whether the summer is just not conducive to much, or whether it's a teacher/eternal student thing that September = fresh new start...

    1. Hi Beth,

      I'm not a teacher, but I do follow your feeling that September is a new opportunity, another chance to start something fresh before we finish the year.

      I've now decided to change a few things with this blog, and the way I post, but more about that tomorrow. Maybe give it an Autumn feel and look...


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