Friday, 28 September 2012

Competition News

A quick post to let you know about a competition doing the rounds, and also an opportunity to write fiction  for the Women's Magazine market.

First off a very topical genre, a competition suited to anyone that thinks they can write steamy sex scenes. The Daily Mail is running an Erotic short story competition. See here where you'll find lots of tips to help you pen a spicy story.

And in complete contrast, (seriously) 'The People's Friend' magazine is having a revamp, and they have  changed their short story submission guidelines. Do have a look here and see if you might be able to write either a short story, or even a serial for them. They are one of the few women's magazines accepting short stories from new contributors.

That's it folks, until Sunday when I'll share more of my week in writing, and what I've been up to out in the real world. Have a good weekend, and if you have any news of competitions to share, do let me know by leaving a comment - I love hearing from you all.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Had to smile at the thought of getting those two mixed up and sending an erotic story to People's Friend! Nooo!

  2. Not a cat in hells chance of getting it published. :-)

  3. Oh I don't think I could ever write a sex scene, it would make me laugh too much but good luck with yours.

    1. I'm not entering, I don't have the inclination... ;-) I have far too many other unfinished tasks on the go...


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