Sunday, 23 September 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 23rd September 2012

The Way I See It - Maria A Smith

Autumn is here, and its time for me to make changes to how I spend my time. As the evenings get darker, much earlier, its likely I'll not do as much walking after my evening meal. Therefore I'll be looking for ways to pull some walking into my day.

I want to settle to writing earlier in the evenings too, allowing me to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I think I will function better if I get a decent nights sleep.

For these plans to work, I must get organised. As part of that organisation, I've decided to make a few changes to when I post on my blog, as well as what I post. Its also time for a change. Therefore, from now until further notice, I intend to post to the blog as follows.

Sunday - Goal List - To keep myself on track.

Tuesday - Catch Up Post - I'll be putting the kettle on, and over a brew, I'll converse about whatever is topical in my world, as well as a little progress on whats been happening, or not as the case may be.

Thursday - Thought for Thursday - Mainly about writing.

And that is how I'll proceed until December, when I'll review how things are going.

Now a recap on the goals I set myself last week.

Writing - I have edited and honed the new short story. I haven't sent it out yet.

Reading - Whatever I fancied I said, so it was mainly magazines, and newspapers, and blogs. It felt good to chill out and read. I even managed a few short stories too.

Cake - I have said cake is therapy, and it is...I had a a lovely cream tea, and then a walk through ancient woodland with my camera.

De - Clutter - More de-junking has been done from around the house. I even managed to throw some stuff out of my wardrobe.

The week ahead.

Writing - 

Send the short story out
Write two blog posts
Do some work on my novel draft
Flash fiction - 100 words for Saturday
Phoenix Writers Saturday session

Relaxation - 

A massage, because its long overdue
An evening out
Discover a new recipe
Tea and cake. Yum!

Boring but necessary - 

De-junking - Take a carload of stuff to the charity shop

That is how my week looks, what about yours? 


  1. Love that quote on the cup, especially the part about people not always being smart enough to say yes. :)) Gotta remember that the next time I start querying.

  2. Have fun with your goals--especially the relaxation ones.

    1. Lynda, I intend to put as much into them as the other ones... ;-)

  3. Apart from the massage, which I'm not keen on, and Phoenix Writers, because I no longer live in Leicestershire (but wish I'd known about them when I did), your goal list could be my own. A year on here in Cambridge and I am still de-junking, but I get new storage for my new study this week, so plan for all those boxes to finally go somewhere.

    1. New storage! That is probably what I could do with, once I have made a space...

      Regards the writing group, its only about eighteen months young, born out of a Saturday morning manuscript critique class. Do you have anything in Cambridge?


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