Sunday, 9 September 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 9th September 2012

I've been way from home since Wednesday last week, and its funny how the change has knocked me out of sync so to speak. I didn't make big plans last week. Its a quick list to review.

Late Summer Poppies - Maria A Smith

Writing I said I was taking a break. I did. Apart from some ideas scribbled in my notebook, I can't claim to have written much beyond a very short post for the blog yesterday.

ReadingI didn't begin the novel. I did catch up on magazines.

Walking - I did loads! Worked very hard and got out and about everyday. A tally of twenty two miles for the week. Mainly because I was away from home.

Getting away gave me time to think about things. I want to try and crack on with the WIP again, its taking me forever to get through draft 2, and its frustrating that I can't get it done.

The week ahead looks like this.

Writing - Carry on with WIP.

Reading - Hopefully Writing Magazine will have turned up, I know they have had some issues with the printers.

Cake - I need my fix!

Walking - After cake, there will have to be exercise, so seeing as I made a good start this last week, I will try my best to continue.


Submit a piece of work - That old chestnut - I am so very lazy about getting my work out there. I am going to force myself to send something out, somewhere. Maybe some flash fiction, or an article, or filler.

I'm interested in what you all think about submitting work. Do you do it? Do you like the idea, but like me, you're, well...lazy? Or do you have a formula, a plan that works to ensure you are submitting work on a regular basis? Do share, and let me know what your plan is for the week ahead too. I love hearing from you.


  1. Hello Maria, that's funny, I've just posted about rejections from publishers...
    Anyway...I like your space here, and I like your words :).

    1. Hello unikorna, welcome to the 'first draft cafe' and thank you for your kind comment.
      I'm heading over to your blog now.

  2. i am definitely too lazy to be a successful writer :)

    1. Lynn,

      You are a very successful blogger, and blogs are written are they not? :-)

  3. Hi Maria - I always enjoy reading what you're getting up to. I always try to submit work on a regular basis. If it's not a new story ... I did out the ones that haven't been 'out there' in a while or I find an old story I wrote years ago and revamp it. I truly think to get published we have to try to be constant ... always writing, always submitting x

    1. You are correct, consistency seems to be the key to lots of things. I need to make submitting a habit. Good tip about revamping old stuff. Thank you.


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