Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Time Out Tuesday

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I am having a delightful time, full of treats and self indulgence, total me time. How you may ask, have I managed that in my mad world? Well, I’m at Ragdale Hall, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. I only arrived at 2pm this afternoon, its barely teatime, and already I feel totally chilled out.

The wonderful people of Ragdale greeted me with a warm welcome on a blustery wet afternoon, and while I sipped Earl Grey, my overnight bag was despatched to the most gorgeously decorated room - purple and lilac, my two favorite colours. And so I was off to a very good start on my Overnight Reviver break.

After a quick visit to the jacuzzi I had the most amazingly relaxing body massage. I asked the therapist if she could give me a scalp massage too, as I’ve had an irritating tension headache for the last few days. ‘No trouble at all,’ she replied, ‘I’ll do your pressure points for you too.’ And she did! Wow...truly the best massage I’ve had in years.

I felt so good afterwards, and still do! Not only did my head feel better, but Bev, my therapist managed to undo some of the stresses in my lower back. I am pain free.

Afterwards, there had to be cake. To celebrate a lovely self indulgent afternoon. 


  1. Oh sounds like a lovely relaxing time. I went back to college a few years ago and trained in Swedish massage and Indian Head and now when I have one I always know what's coming next and it's not so relaxing.

  2. I am also trained in massage, however I am still a junkie! Love head massage when done well...


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