Sunday, 28 October 2012

Goal List Week Commencing 28th October 2012

Last week was tough, for lots of reasons, and I have no idea how I've managed to keep sane.

My intentions were good, however, the best laid plans can soon be bulldozed! The walking started well on Sunday, and ended well yesterday with a five mile urban walk, but apart from that I didn't get out through the week as planned.

Work has been very busy, and I've been playing catch up for the last five days. I had dental and doctors appointments, and then someone ran into my car on Wednesday. Its been very stressful trying to sort things out. Consequently, I didn't get very much writing done at all other than a few blog posts, and a piece of flash fiction.

The 'Me' time I promised myself didn't turn out too badly. On Sunday I spent time in the jacuzzi pool at the gym (I do not go in the gym - just so you know) following up with a short session in the steam room. Afterwards, I had a lovely long massage, it was bliss!

Wednesday, I changed my hair colour, its gone darker for the Autumn, and I'll post a new profile picture soon. I always feel so much better after a good cut, and colour, it gives me a boost.

Tuesday I read a magazine for half and hour, it might not sound much to you, but believe me, I don't get much reading time these days.

I had tea and cake on Friday afternoon, and managed to get to my writers group yesterday. So all in all, I managed to achieve time for myself in the midst of a hectic life!

On the downside, I forgot to write what I'd done in my writing journal...And we won't talk about sleep, or the lack of it! I am learning to get used to inhalers for allergic asthma.

All change this week. As the clocks alter and we embrace November, I shall be using the month to 'put my writing first' I'm not going to do NaNoWriMo, this year, but I want to spend everyday on a re-draft of my novel. I have daily targets mapped out, and am in the process of clearing the decks in readiness.

This will have a huge impact on everything else, including blogging, therefore I have decided to blog as and when I can for November, and hope you'll stick with me as I try and achieve my November goal.

Maybe you have something you want to concentrate on for the next month? Or perhaps you are doing NaNoWriMo this year? Do let me know, I love receiving your comments, its good to know we are in this writerly life together.


  1. Good luck with the redraft.

    I'm doing NaNo again.

    1. Enjoy NaNo Patsy, I love it, and will do it again one day.

  2. I don't do NaNo - I don't involve myself in anything that detracts from the WIP. Most days I do scribble something for Live Journal but this is my version of 'daily pages' & is less blogging & more writing practice. I also write a 'Letter to America' every day - I have a good friend who lives in Maryland.

    Other than these two exercises, I reserve my energy for my story. It seems to me that in order to write a whole book, one needs to avoid distractions. I certainly do although I appreciate that for other people a change of focus may work in their favour.

    Having had this enforced month off due to ****** 'flu I'm desperate to get back to my TreeBook & see what I can do with it.

    May your Muse be with you, Maria!

    1. I'm getting better at focus, but still have a lot to learn. Thank you for sharing...

  3. yeah good luck--and can't wait to see your new autumn hair :)

    1. Thank you Lynn, I'll post a picture soon.

  4. I am doing nano, but I've joined the nano rebels and started writing early. We have our own forum, so I'm not alone. I think of nano as a motivator, as I'm hopelessly stuck on my current wip, and I'd like to prove to myself that I can finish a novel .
    Look forward to seeing the new hair colour!

  5. Hi Trudy, not heard of the rebels, but what a good idea...
    Writing a novel is tough, I understand your need to finish, I really do, and wish you all the best!


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