Monday, 31 December 2012

Last Word

Maria A Smith - December 31st 2012
The last twelve months have passed quickly, 2012 has been amazingly busy, especially here in the UK, well that's my excuse anyway. We had it all, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, London 2012, the rain! Even though they predicted a drought...its been horrendously soggy. In future I shan’t take any notice when I’m told there is a drought on the way. 

On the writing front, when I look back, I'm staggered at what I’ve done! I can assure you I don’t blog about every writing related event or happening in my life either, so its actually a lot more besides what you read on the pages of this blog.

Lets begin with blogging though...

I took part in a month of blogging each and every day during April, known as the A -Z Blog Challenge, it was a crazy month of daily deadlines, it was hard, it was crazy, it was silly, it was fun! I thoroughly enjoyed the process. You should sign up next year...

Afterwards, it so inspired me to give talks to a group of writers, on the subject of starting, and maintaining a blog of their own. I helped three of them to get started. All, are doing very well, and as far as I know they are enjoying the adventure.

I’ve supported fellow writers with critique, on manuscript, memoir, poetry, film and performance, as well as continuing with the second draft of my own novel. I've received a wealth of critique, and opinion myself, from lots of happy talented people, through writing groups, and on Twitter. Thank you!

I've visited lots of blogs, where people seem to exist only to help other writers, the warmth and welcome is fantastic around the blogosphere. People are amazing. 

I've attended writing conferences, pitched my novel to an editor in 3 minutes, took part in several workshops, spent a day at a writers summer school, and enjoyed many catch ups with fellow writing buddies over beer, coffee, or pasta... 

Its been wicked!

Things I liked about 2012

Friends - Meeting Twitter buddies for the first time. 

The ‘Get Writing’ Conference - Scary! In a good sort of way.

Alt Fiction - Friendly and fun.

Long walks with my camera - Creative.

Yoga - Totally relaxing.

Costa Coffee  - Time well spent with friends, catching up on gossip, and life in general.

Spa days - Ragdale Hall.

Cake - Finding delicious yummy treats in new venues.

London 2012 - The Olympics, I never thought I would, but I did enjoy the pomp and ceremony, and the games themselves were very entertaining!

Things I didn’t like

Rain, rain, and more rain - Flooding, and major disruption to holiday plans

Minus 13 degrees on my birthday when I had to travel - Two hundred and fifty miles round trip in freezing fog. No joke!

Bad manners - I won't elaborate.

Poor teaching - 'Fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail' wise words.

Asthma - Having to make lots of changes to my life.

I've enjoyed 2012, its been a happy, productive year. Lots of you have taken the time to read and comment on this blog. I really appreciate your time, it makes a difference. Thank you.

Incase you've been wondering about my absence this last month, I was forced to take things easy due to my health, which is now greatly improved. I am happy to report, normal service will be resumed.

As you can see, I'm standing in the rain again! My last thoughts on 2012... 

'It was an adventure.'


  1. You've done a ton this year. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings us.


    1. Yes, its exciting isn't it? Happy New Year!

  2. You have had a busy year. Hope 2013 brings with it better health and all you would wish for.

    1. Thank you, I am looking forward to the challenge...Happy new Year to you Anne!

  3. Well, that 's quite alot of activity in 2012!Let's hope that all your hard work on the novel sees some results in 2013.....and I'm sorry to hear about your asthma.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, I need to get my finger out, and continue with it...

  4. What a great year - and the good things seem to outweigh the bad. My daughter's asthma has been worse this winter than for a long time.

    Hope 2013 is brilliant for you with lots of sunshine and success x

    1. I was shocked with the diagnosis, its not what I expected at my age! ;-)


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