Sunday, 13 January 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 13th January 2013

Things I liked about last week

  • Catching up with a girlfriend for a Costa and a natter
  • Shopping for new clothes
  • Making time to read!
  • Relaxing in front of a warm fire
  • Listening to Katherine Jenkins
  • Reading
Things I didn't like

  • Hearing from a friend, that the love of his life has passed away.  
  • Technology failing, and making my job very difficult!
  • Not allocating myself any time to work on my novel

Last week I set myself the following goals, and this is how I got on.


Continue working on my novel -  I failed, I blame not scheduling the time!

Flash fiction, 200 words on the theme of a derelict or empty building - This I did plan, and it was done early on in the week in readiness for Saturday.

A couple of blog posts - Again I didn't schedule the time.

Attend Phoenix Writers - Yes, another good meeting, lots of good work read out, and lots of opportunity to listen and learn through critiquing manuscripts.


Continue reading 'Fear Nothing' by Dean Koontz - I'm enjoying this book very much.


I wanted to do four walks, and I managed three!

Apart from the above, i managed to get a lot of mundane things done around the house, necessary stuff to ensure the family is fed, the bills are paid, and everyone keeps well and happy.

Writing Magazine arrived, and I've been dipping in and out reading the various articles.

This week I'd like to achieve the following,


Rework a chapter of my novel.
Flash fiction, 200 words on the theme of a bus station, airport or any other transport hub.


Continue with 'Fear Nothing' by Dean Koontz.
Dip deeper into Writing Magazine to unearth markets to submit work.


Keep up the momentum.

Small Pleasures

Treat my feet to a pedicure.
Take time out for tea and cake.

Right, I need to get a grip and just do it! How did you do last week? Are you happy with your progress?


  1. Good luck on your goals. I finished a short story this week. Just waiting for the next story to appear.

    1. I love that feeling, when a story is finished. The feeling of accomplishment is the one that drives us forward. I hope you get started on your next one very soon.

  2. Greetings Maria,

    And through all your distractions, positive and negative, your healthy thinking and activities are the inspiring force that drives on the momentum in your dreams. May your progress be rewarding and poignant.

    The main thing is to do things at your own pace and not put yourself under any unnecessary pressure.

    I was thinking of joining the "Procrastination" workshop....maybe wait until next week :)

    Happy writing and keep going.

    With respect and goodwill,


    1. Hi Gary, yes, positive thinking plays a big part in everything we do I think...and I totally agree about not putting yourself under too much pressure. When I read back over what I have done, its clear to see, I was doing other stuff when I perhaps would have preferred to of been working on my novel.

      That said, I am not going to beat myself up, instead, I'm planning stuff differently. ;-) Hopefully, I will still reach many of my weekly goals, and have fun along the way. Have a good week yourself.

  3. Procrastination is getting the better of me!
    Good luck with your goals. This week I am going to sort out my books - gulp - and maybe get rid of a few :-) x

    1. Teresa, I'm doing the same, slowly, I'm trying to read my way through as many as i can this year. Also, if I seriously think that won't happen, then the book has to be re-homed.

      I have a charity bag at the top of the stairs, and all the family are adding to it almost daily! I'll be left to actually take it to the shop of course, but at least we are doing something about the huge book pile we have accumulated over the years.

      I also take a few to my writers group, but I'm increasingly finding they are in the same position as me! And don't want to add any more books to their reading pile either...

      Too many books, not enough time.

  4. Good luck with your 'to do' list Maria, and yes, after posting on twitter that I need a push with my editing, kind people have continued to ask how I am progressing and it has worked! I'm on to Chapter Seven after having been stuck for months!


    1. Carole that is really good news! Proving what a wonderful bunch our writing community is, when we ask for help...
      Keep the words flowing.

  5. Sometimes it takes a lot of discipline to prevent life intruding on writing. But setting goals is a good idea. Mine for the week: a story for our writers' group, a list of writing goals for 2013 to share with a different writers' group, three blog posts and 5,000 words added to my novel. Maybe, maybe...

    Good luck with your goals for the week, Maria.

    1. Wow Christine you're going to have to motor, brilliant challenge though...I'll pop over and check up on you later this week. :-)

  6. Taking a detailed and collective look at the last few year's writing efforts in terms of output, quality and organisation. Many positives but also a number of negatives to mull over. This year I will do something, instead of saying I'm going to do it.

    "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see." Winston Churchill

    1. Go Keith, go...there are so many of us waiting for a copy of your book. Keep plodding on, you are almost at the finish line now. Have a productive week.


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