Friday, 4 January 2013

Small Pleasures

What are small pleasures? Put very simply, they are the priceless things in life that money can't buy, stuff  that makes you happy, like sharing special moments with your children, building sand castles on the beach, having a natter with a friend over a brew, or simply spending time alone in your own company. Bite size measures of pleasure.

Real human happiness consists of many of these small pleasures, and it took me a while to realise, but over the years I'm slowly becoming an expert! I make sure I build lots of them into my week. Which brings me rather nicely around to today's small pleasure.

On impulse, I decided to take off on my own and go for a walk with just my shadow, and my camera for company. I didn't have very much time, as I was on my way somewhere else, so literally made the decision in a split second to visit Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire on route.

Let me share my small pleasure with you.

Beacon Hill - View from the Top - Maria A Smith

The English countryside is breathtakingly beautiful when the sun shines, 11 degrees, how good is that for this time of year? It makes you want to stride out, and I don't doubt walking is one of the best ways to better health.

Wooden Sculpture on Beacon Hill - Maria a Smith

I met a strange wooden man today - he looked like he'd been there a while, but I hadn't seen him before, and it reminded me - I should visit more often.

Trees on Beacon Hill - Maria A Smith

I love trees, they are the lungs of this planet, mature ones are carbon magnets, and if they could speak, they would tell us magical stories. We need to plant more trees.

Craggy Rocks on Beacon Hill - Maria A Smith

I decided to attempt a climb to the top of the hill! Over craggy rocks, formed 700 million years ago, when volcanic eruptions occured in the area. Leaving behind deposits of ash at the bottom of an ancient sea bed.

About a million years after that happened, intense geological activity occurred leaving the rocks as you see them today. They are known as Hornstone, and are amongst the oldest rocks in Britain.

Walkers on Beacon Hill - Maria A Smith

It was lovely to see lots of people out and about, there were many walkers, but also lots of family groups with children, and older relatives. The holidays aren't over yet!

The climb was definitely worth the effort, a very splendid view over Leicestershire and beyond, and the air quality so fresh and clean.

Top of the Hill - Maria A Smith

Even though I was a little windswept, it proved to be exhilarating, I felt well out in the fresh air.

Beacon Hill Country Park - Maria A Smith

 And before I knew it - it was time to travel back down the hill.

Beacon Hill Country Park Picnic Area - Maria A Smith

No time for a picnic today, but I was so pleased I took time out to visit, and I know I'll be back again soon.

I hope you enjoy a 'small pleasure' today, and if you do, perhaps you'll share it with me here. I love receiving your comments.


  1. There's nothing like getting out and going on a walk! Going out with my camera is definitely one of my small pleasures :-)

    1. I've just had the all clear to start walking again, so I'm pulling on my boots and striding out!

  2. We love Beacon Hill! Lovely pictures, Maria. I especially like the various chainsaw carvings around the park.

    1. Yes, fabulous! I will definitely be making more effort to go up there this year.

  3. Probably a bit nippy for a picnic especially on the top of the hill but some great pics.

    1. Hi Sally, yes, bit blowy at the top, but the picnic area was quite sheltered.

  4. Hi Maria, thanks for sharing those photos, they're very uplifting, can taste the frest air!

    1. The air quality was amazing...very fresh, a good reason for me to get out in the countryside and walk!

  5. you are so right--we must look for the beauty each day--these pics are great and make me want to take a nice long cold walk :)

    1. Thank you Lynn, I hope you manage to get out and about!

  6. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful weather - we've had nothing but grey skies for the past few days.


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