Sunday, 10 February 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 10th February 2013

The Leicester Comedy Festival is under way, from the 8 - 24 February, so if you enjoy a good belly rumble, then why not come to Leicester, its buzzing here! Amazingly, there are 520 shows spread across the city over 17 days. There really is something for everyone.

If that doesn't appeal, then what about King Richard III? The missing monarch has turned up - his bones were found under a car park in the city, and he'll be re-interred in a major ceremony in Leicester Cathedral next year.

In the meantime Leicester's Guildhall is staging  a six month long exhibition dedicated to the discovery of King Richard III, and the free attraction introduces the remarkable story behind the excavation. I shall definitely be going soon.

Last week went like this,

Housework Oops! I will have to try harder this week.

De-Cluttering - Yes, I bagged it, filled the car to the hilt, drove to a charity shop and handed it over. They seemed very pleased, the trouble is, there is still much more to do, but it was a step in the right direction.

Laptop - I didn't get the daughter a laptop because the old one is working again, be it a bit unreliable but it gives us a little more time to search for a good deal.

Writing Stuff - Flash Fiction - 200 words for the writers group on Saturday - I did it, however, the brief was a strange one, I had to use the title, 'Who Killed Bambi.' and my story was nothing to do with a fawn, and I didn't do it justice in the word count. It cried out to be a much larger project, and maybe it will be one day. At least I did something.

Subs club - The meeting went well, the group are motivated, and most have subbed poems, stories and flash fiction to competitions. Everyone went away keen, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do in the next month. There have already been some small successes.

Novel - Ironed out one of the plot holes. Its scribbled in a notebook, so I will need to type it up.

Blog - Three posts in the last week.

Walking - I wanted to do three walks, I did one six mile walk through the city yesterday - That was as much as I could manage time wise.

Swimming - I've found a venue, now I need to plan in when I can go.

Apart from that, my asthma has been mostly uncontrolled this last week, making life difficult at times. Stress has been a major factor. My brother was rushed into hospital on Friday, with a heart problem, but has been discharged now.

He requires a procedure to shock his heart, so it stops, then it is restarted, which is concerning for everyone. I'm just glad he has got some help, and there is a solution.

Yesterday I found out I've had a letter published in Women's Walking Magazine, no prize, but it made me smile.

My plan for the week ahead.

Writing  - Brainstorm an idea for an article.

Attend a Writers Workshop

Reading - Writing Magazines

Walking - Continue with my programme to strengthen my heart and lungs.

Swimming - Get in the pool!

That is it. I have the plan, and now I will go away and see if I can complete it. I hope your plans went well last week, and you'll share what you are up to here with me. I love receiving your comments.


  1. Hi Maria
    That sounds like a very busy week. I've critiqued 3 pieces for tomorrow's fiction group and worked on novel number 3 this week. I've also read and reviewed Me Before You by Jojo Moyes on my blog. Of course I've also had work, dog walks, housework, food shopping, washing, cooking etc - but don't we all??
    My brother suffers from AF and needs shocking under general anaesthetic four to six times a year. This has been going on for half a dozen years now so he's booked in for an operation this year at long last. I hope your brother finds a solution to his problem too.
    Keep warm and take care.
    Love Ange xx

    1. Hi Ange,
      You sound as busy as me. Life is what you make it though, and I think we both like to be busy!
      Good to hear you're not slacking on the writing... ;-)

  2. Hope your brother's treatment sorts him out quickly. Good luck with your goals.

    1. Thanks Patsy, he seems to be comfortable.

      I'm working my way through the Goal list... ;-)

  3. i hope and pray you brother gets good news----happy walking :)

  4. I hope everything goes well for your brother. Well done for the letter and good luck with your goals this week.

  5. Leicester's having a great year so far. Ironing out plot holes always makes me do a little happy dance. Hope your brother gets well soon.


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