Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 3rd February 2013

I'm Late, I'm Late - Maria A Smith

The last week has been crazy mad! I feel like the White Rabbit, fictional character straight out of the book Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. I'm very late posting my progress report and goals for this week, my  excuse - work! The day job took over my personal time a lot last week, spilling over into the evenings. Not good. I'm working, on working that out...

What I did last week:

Writing - Continuation of novel draft 2 - Nope!

Flash fiction 200 words for the writers group - Yes, although it was written on the bus on the way there!

Two Blog posts - Only managed the Goal list on Sunday.

Enter a competition - Nope, although did do some more work towards sending a story out.

Reading - Continue with 'Fear Nothing' by Dean Kootnz - Nope, try as I might I couldn't get any reading time.

Walking - Three walks - Yes! Amazingly, I managed my quota, and I feel so much better for it. The first was a specially organised health walk, the second a brisk walk around the town with a friend in the evening, and the third was an urban walk about in the city of Leicester at the weekend. I'm wearing my pedometer again, so I can log the miles. Those three walks clocked up eleven miles! I'm pretty pleased.

National Trust Heath Walk at Calke Park - Maria A Smith
Photography - Capture more of winter. - Yes, on my Sunday walk through Calke Park.

Cake - Yes, I managed cake, a few times in a busy week, especially lovely to sit, and enjoy it at the end of a very busy working week. 

Tea & Cake!  - Maria A Smith
Things I didn't like about last week:

Cutting to the chase, feeling VERY frustrated that I had to spend so long at work which completely loused everything else up! Trying to drag the time back didn't work as the workload was such that it wouldn't wait. I think I should have written the week off by Wednesday instead of trying to catch up, and kill myself trying...consequently, the work is heavy again this week, and i have a BIG list of jobs not done at home too. Hate it when that happens.

Tiredness - My energy levels seemed to be on some wild roller coaster ride, dipping and rising, then plumenting to an all time low over the weekend. And that is why this blog post didn't go out on time.

Things I liked about last week:

Catching up with a writing buddy I haven't seen in over a year.

My asthma was much improved by the milder temperatures.

Lunch with a bunch of hilarious writers.

Onwards then, and this will have to be the 'salvage' week, not that I am happy with that but I really need to get topside of stuff, so...

Outside of writing, here are my goals.

De - clutter - Take bags and boxes to the charity shop, at least two car journeys.

Housework - A scary prospect but I WILL feel better after I have made friends with the Dyson and whizzed it around the house.

Laptop - Daughter needs a new one and I need to sort it out this week, so she can do her school work, and generally enjoy life. Imagine how I would be without mine!

Okay, thats enough, seeing as I have to catch up with the work stuff too. Regarding my writing, I'm doing the following,

Flash Fiction - 200 words for the writers group on Saturday

Subs club - Hold the monthly meeting, and do all the tasks beforehand like email reminders, finding a list of markets, and competitions etc

Novel - Read over the chapters that don't sit right with me, making a note of the plot holes.

Blog - Write at least one other post this week!

Walking - At least three would be good.

Swimming - Find a suitable venue, day, and time to swim.

I'm really hoping my plans don't get scuppered this week, and I'm left feeling energised by the end! I've got my list,  so I had better get on with it now. Do let me know how you got on last week, and how this weeks plans are going?


  1. Wow, you sound completely snowed under with work and other things to do. I hope this week gives you more writing time - although your lunch with writers sounds lovely!

    1. Hi Annalisa, its still busy but I am working on a blog post about a recent day out. The words are flowing, and there is quite a bit of photography to go with it, so I at least feel as if I am being creative again!

  2. Glad you're feeling energised ready for your coming challenges.

    1. Well, not exactly energised but I am getting there Patsy!

  3. Oh I recognise that feeling well. Sorry the week was so rough for you; I'm crossing my fingers that this one is a little more gentle. :)
    See you Saturday!

    1. Hi Leah, thank you, and yes I will see you on Saturday at the Writers meeting.

  4. Glad you managed the walks. I stepped out over the weekend to Knighton Park and was really glad I did. Hmmm! I see you managed to squeeze in some lunches and cake! Seriously though, sometimes we have to walk away from our To Do lists just for a while to maintain our sanity.

    1. I agree! Glad you enjoyed your walk too...


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