Sunday, 24 March 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 24th March 2013

The Week Ahead - Maria A Smith

Last week my goals were very simple. I wanted to be pain free, and productive, write anything I could concentrate on, and relax and laugh with friends.

I'm so glad I kept things simple. I wasn't pain free, in fact the sciatica got worse, I changed prescription drug with the help of my GP on Wednesday evening, and things improved with the new heavy duty pain relief. The drawback was not being able to drive. Although it is possible to enjoy life without a car.

Productivity on the writing front amounted to very little, just my Goal List, and a short 200 word piece of flash fiction for the writers group. Once again I struggled to concentrate on anything else, and found myself wanting to sleep at every opportunity.

I was determined to be as well as I could be on Friday though, as I went to London with two of my best friends. I managed it, and we had a lovely day out in London, I'll blog about that separately this week.

I'm taking things slowly, so my list is small for the week ahead.

Writing  -  Blog post, chapter re-write if I'm up to it, and some thoughts on my A to Z Blog posts for April.

Rest - In whatever form it takes, be that sleep, reading or listening to music

I hope your plans work out this week, let me know what you're up to?


  1. HI Maria,

    I do hope your health picks up.
    To answer one of your enquiries on my blog, I still create my blog posts on the laptop, but I enjoy checking facebook from my ipad ;)
    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Sciatica is miserable. Hope you recover soon.

    1. Thank you, the new tablets seem to be helping a lot.

  3. I've got lots of family stuff on this week, but I'm most looking forward to seeing my little grandson being invested in the cubs :-)

    Have you ever seen a chiropractor? My husband had sciatica and a slipped disc and nothing helped - after a lot of persuasion he went to a chiropractor and she got him off the pills in a matter of weeks - it was amazing :-) x

  4. That brings back memories, I recall going to see my son quickly time flies.

    I haven't seen a chiropractor mainly out of fear! I've got two prolapsed disc's, and I've heard such scary things about them. Perhaps I need to reconsider.

    Pain has eased a lot since I went onto these heavy duty tablets, but there are side effects!

    I'm hoping I won't be on them for very long this time.

  5. Back pain is horrible. I saw a chiropracter too. I had a course of ten sessions and he said it would ease pain but another course of ten would cure me.I thought he was trying to make money out of me so didn't sign up for the second ten.I was pain free for 10 mths then it came back.It's so expensive and when so many in health care don't agree with chiropraters it scares you. Hope you're better this week.

  6. Hello Anne, I spent a lot of money five years ago with a physiotherapist, I felt I was just throwing good money after bad. The good news is the new painkillers are doing the trick! I feel I'm on the way to better days.

  7. Hoping that you get the relief long term that you need. I am in the A to Z challenge, it's nice to see others that are working on writing. I hope to find a group to join locally, but since I live on the outskirts of no place in particular, that probably won't happen soon. So, I will enjoy blog folk like you!



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