Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 3rd March 2013

Afternoon Tea - Maria A Smith
A very late posting this week due to yet another heavy week at work, and an eventful weekend away.

So what did I do?

  • Had a lovely 'Afternoon Tea'
  • Enjoyed a delicious Italian meal
  • Met up with some lovely Twitter buddies
  • Walked around the lovely old town of Ludlow
  • Read the latest Writers Forum Magazine
  • Watched a DVD 
  • Re - wrote a chapter
  • Read Women's Walking Magazine
  • Critiqued someones writing
  • Took pictures with my camera
  • Drank Costa coffee and watched the world go by
  • Wrote two blog posts
  • Received a late birthday gift, a Nina Simone album
  • Worked very hard to earn a living

This week I'll be mainly concentrating on the following,

  • Another chapter re-write
  • 100 Word Flash Fiction for my writers group meeting 
  • Brainstorm ideas for the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April
  • Write two blog posts
  • Read Writing Magazine
  • Spend time with my friends
  • Listen to music
  • Go for a walk
What did you do last week? And what is your plan this week?


  1. I have to admit I can't remember much of last week without my calendar as it was busy! However I too had a marvellous weekend, half of it in beautiful Ludlow taking afternoon tea with new twitter buddies; the other half buying more wool and enjoying a birthday pub lunch with my family.

    Next week I want to finish my rewrite/edit and prepare my submissions to literary agents. I also need to have family round for my birthday. Oh and I have the Historical Novel Society magazine to read!

  2. Blimey Elaine, sounds like you are going o be a very busy woman. Its a good looking plan though...have a good week.

  3. My plan for this week, now I've seen your picture, is to bake cakes!

    1. Yum! Sounds like a fine plan to me Patsy...

  4. I want afternoon tea!

    This week (and last week) I have been preparing to self-ePublish, so, stress and excitement all round!


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