Saturday, 6 April 2013

F is for - Feature

Today, I thought I'd try and come up with 7 ideas for a feature article. Starting with what I'm interested in, what people are talking about, and what is happening around my area.

What I'm interested in...
  1. Walking  - Walks in my area, walking with asthma, find a walking buddy, what to take out on a walk? 
  2. Cake - Where to eat cake, famous cake baking men and women,      
  3. Gardening - Dealing with pests, how to start a vegetable plot, why you should raise plants from seed, tips to care for your garden tools.
People are talking about...

     4. The weather! - What has happened to the Seasons? Weird weather in the UK, weather predicting.
     5. NHS changes - what does it mean? Who will be affected?
     6. The bedroom tax - who will win? Who will lose?

What is happening in and around my area...

     7. King Richard III - Richard's bones were found in Leicester, there is an argument brewing between York and Leicester, I need to really think on this topic, so much has already been written.

Below is an image I took recently of the interior of Leicester Cathedral, where the people of Leicester hope the bones of King Richard III will be finally put to rest.

Definitely enough brainstorming this morning for me to think about, and expand upon. Its time to think about getting along to my Writers Group session.

Interior of Leicester Cathedral - Maria A Smith
Have a good day, I'll be back on Monday with the letter G


  1. Excellent ideas, I would read articles on all of those subjects! Get writing....

  2. Some really interesting topics, Maria - look forward to reading more soon!

    1. After the A to Z, I am going to do it!

  3. I love that cake is one of the things you're interested in.

    1. Cake is my hobby after writing... ;-)

  4. Nice rounded selection of headers Maria and enjoyed the use of light and shadow on the photo. Good one to take brushstrokes of description from.

    No further cogitating necessary on Richard though. Look forward to 'G'

    1. I took the picture with my iPhone, I'm happy with the way its turned out.

  5. I love to brainstorm and see the results of others' brainstorming sessions, too. They'd all make good articles.

    Have a great weekend.

    F is for Fiction, Freedom, and Flagman's Folly
    The Daille-y News

  6. Great ideas. The picture is beautiful.

    1. The light was lovely in the cathedral...


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