Sunday, 28 April 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 28th April 2013

Spring 2013 - Better Late Than Never - Maria A Smith

Its been another busy week, packed full of different things happening. Where does the time go? Can you believe we are almost in May already, I can't, its crazy how fast this year is running away.

The A-Z challenge has been in full swing, I've been writing a post every day, and visiting as many other bloggers as time permits. Its been a journey of discovery, although this is my second year, its good to know I can still write to a deadline.

In the last week, I've also written a flash piece, re-hashed a story and subbed it to a competition, caught up with replying to lots of lovely writing buddies via email and I've made up my mind what I want to do for the month ahead with my writing life. More about that on May 1st in a special post.

My relaxation plan didn't quite work out as I planned, I didn't get to go swimming, but I did get out for a lovely walk with my camera yesterday afternoon. It was lovely to walk about in the fresh air, even though it hailed several times during the time I was out and about.

I've also found somewhere new for tea and cake! A bonus as its not too far from where I live either, so it might become a favourite. The coffee and walnut cake is delicious!

The week ahead then will look like this.

Writing - 

The last two A to Z Challenge posts.

The weekly flash assignment for the writers group - 150 words - An everyday activity through the eyes of someone experiencing it for the first time.

My May writing project will be revealed on Wednesday

Relaxation - 

As much as time will permit, I have a very busy working week ahead - anything will be a bonus. Ideally, I'd like to read, chill out in a jacuzzi, go for a walk, visit an art gallery, eat a  delicious meal, and sleep! Realistically, I'll settle for a couple of things from the wish list.

In case you missed my A to Z posts last week, I've put the links here.

S is for - Story

T is for - Tweak It!

U is for - Using Mind Maps To Brainstorm Ideas

V is for - Versatile

W is for - Where Do I Begin

Y is for - Yellow Submarine

Have a good productive week, let me know what you'll be up to? I love receiving your comments.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the May writing project :0)

  2. Your writing project for May sounds intriguing, look forward to reading about it! Sounds like you've been very busy with your writing, good on ye! :)

    1. Trying to do my best for my writing Catherine, hoping tiredness doesn't kick in...


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