Friday, 12 April 2013

K is for - Keep Calm And Carry On


So its day twelve of the A to Z Challenge, how are you doing? Still enjoying it? Not panicking are you? Keep calm and carry on, might be a bit of a cliche, but its actually VERY good advice.

Originally a propaganda poster created during World War II, in 1939 the British government needed to raise the moral and confidence of the people in the aftermath of a predicted mass air strike.

Unfortunately, due to distribution problems the poster wasn't widely seen at the time, but a copy resurfaced in a second hand book shop in Northumberland, in North East England in 2000, well out of the 50 year Crown copyright, and therefore in the public domain. It could be used for commercial purpose by the couple who owned the shop. They were often asked for copies when people came in to buy books, and many were sent abroad too.

The slogan has since been seen on all kinds of things from beer mats to babies bibs. Definitely a wee bit of nostalgia with a very important message. It has appeared everywhere, and reinforces what we're all going to do on this A to Z Challenge. Which is to...



  1. I have often wondered where this has come from, and now I know!

    Still going with the challenge although struggling a little to find time on a daily basis but yes Carry on!

    1. I am with you on this, I've felt the pressure this week myself...but have battled on the same as you. We can do it!

  2. You see variations of this slogan everywhere now! But yes, Keep Calm and Carry on :)

  3. One of my favorite signs! They seem to pop up all over the place, in all shapes and sizes, nowadays.
    A month of Blog...

  4. I didn't realise that the poster wasn't made use of at the time. Fascinating.

  5. I like the phrase "Loose lips sink ships."

  6. I've just put a poster at the side of my blog saying,Keep Calm and Blog on. I look at it through writing each post of this challenge.

  7. I needed this advice today - my boss has me fit to be tied and I want to smack him!!
    Keep calm...

  8. Yes, I like that slogan, and several of the variations!


  9. I'm enjoying the A to Z but tiring of it a little. Partly because this April is a busy month for me so getting stuff that I need to do and posts to is tough. If only I was more organised...

    Intersting reading the background to the slogan

    Enjoy your posts for the A to Z too :)

  10. My eyes are a little blurry, but so much fun visiting blogs and meeting interesting people from all over the world.

    Thanks for the background on the poster.
    As for day 12, with 11 more to go (is it 11?) -- will keep calm and carry on.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  11. I've seen that slogan and a slew of spin offs and wondered what started it. Had no idea it went that far back. I learned something today!

    Patricia Lynne

  12. I was really struggling with the challenge, the last couple of days, but I've 'kept calm and carried on' and written all my posts up to the 21st *and breathe*. Looking forward to catching up properly with people's posts this week, instead of lagging behind and posting entries at 11:59pm!


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