Thursday, 18 April 2013

P is for - Prose

Roses - Maria A Smith

Prose fiction is what I do, its when I leave reality and enter a fictional world within my imagination. I tell stories by writing words down for my readers. 

A few months ago, I attended a workshop with a specific goal to write for the women's magazine market, its something I don't usually do, and the style of writing is very different from my own. I found it a challenge to keep within the perimeters of what is, and isn't acceptable. Those who know my writing, will be smiling to themselves as they read on. Usually, I've killed someone, or something unpleasant has happened on the first page.

Our brief, was to write the beginning of a romantic story, very much outside of my comfort zone. I had to introduce both my characters quickly, and leave the reader in no doubt as to what the story genre was, and what could be expected, I also needed a hook, to keep them wanting to read more. 

An interesting exercise, writing outside of your usual genre, or comfort zone is a good thing to do. Trust me, even if you think it isn't it is! So if you usually write romance, why not try fantasy, or crime, or if like me, your more at home with grizzly goings on, how about comedy, or a western? You never know, you might find you have a flair for science fiction, or historical romance. 

Here is my attempt at a story start,  from the workshop...

    Beads of sweat lined Tom’s brow. The mountain guide company had called twenty minutes ago, they were substituting his walking guide Roger, for Laura, and she'd be arriving shortly.
    He'd specifically asked for Roger, explaining his reasons when he’d plucked up the courage to book the trip. The last thing he wanted was to go up into the mountains with a woman!
    He’d cancel, until Roger recovered, he was here for week after all, reaching for his phone he punched in numbers, when he heard a knock at the door. Yanking it open a little too quickly, he stared at the fresh faced young woman in a bright red jacket standing before him. 
     ‘Hi Tom, I’m Laura, are you all set?’ He hesitated, as she thrust her hand forward. 
   ‘Yes,’ he lied, wondering if she'd been told about the accident, did she know he was an amputee? He shook her hand, then  hauled the small rucksack onto his shoulder. 
     ‘Good, the trucks around front,’ and with that she turned and trudged away in the snow.
    He closed the door behind him, and followed, he wasn’t limping as badly today. A soft thud caused him to turn and look back, just in time to see fresh snowfall slide from the porch roof. A somber reminder of the avalanche, which had claimed much more than his leg. 


  1. So true with regards writing outside of your comfort zone - it's something I keep trying to do, without lots of success! - but I enjoy it nonetheless and feel like it is developing my skills as a writer.

    I like the beginning of your story - the amputee angle is original and the snow falling from the roof was an elegant way to get some back story in there. Good stuff.

    Kelly's Eye - Writing, Music, Life

    1. Thank you for your kind comments... ;-)
      From what I have heard of your writing, it seems to be working just fine to me...

  2. I enjoyed your story opening. Hope you're going to write the rest of it.

    I agree it's good to try different genres.

    1. I'm not sure Patsy, I do have most of it formed in my head though... ;-)

  3. Nice start! And yes, I agree with you—writing outside your comfort zone can be so useful. I also started a romance novel some years back, and while I never finished it (turns out I don't enjoy it), I still am able to marvel at how it reads, perhaps even better than I can with my normal stuff because it was so far out of the average for me.

    Good luck with this if you decide to do more with it!

    1. Thank you Jessica, I like looking over old writing...I have a heap of it! When I read it, I often think, did I write this?
      Writers eh? We live inside our own heads so much...we can't recall what we wrote five years ago. Well I can't.

  4. I write romance and I think that's an excellent beginning. Love the amputee aspect and the fact you're on his side immediately.

    Nice to meet you on the A to Z!

    1. Aww, thank you Jianne...I decided I wanted to try writing from the male POV as our tutor advised the magazine market gets very few stories written this way.

  5. hahaha..writing out of one's genre is always a challenge. I try short stories every now and then, just to see if I can do it. Well done you!!


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