Sunday, 19 May 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 19th May 2013

Bluebells at Calke Park - Maria A Smith
Today I've been out and about in the glorious sunshine. After a lazy morning, doing nothing much at all, I took off with my camera for Calke Park in Derbyshire to walk in the ancient woodland there. Calke's 600 acres are a designated National Nature Reserve, mainly because of its varied landscape and rich wildlife. A great place to walk,  I've blogged about it before, its one of my favourite places. I can always find something new, or different on each visit, and today was no exception. The bluebells are out! They look wonderful, set against the backdrop of the woodland. I couldn't believe how green and lush the landscape looks.

Heron at Calke Park - Maria A Smith
 The shot of the heron above was a pleasant surprise, even though he was some distance away across the water. I've tried to capture him with my camera before, without success, so I was pleased to see him today.

Deer at Calke Park - Maria A Smith
This fellow fancied a snack, and wasn't shy about getting what he wanted either. Again, I was quite a distance away, so very pleased to get the shot. It was a case of right place, right time.

Ancient Tree - Calke Park - Maria A Smith
I enjoyed my afternoon, it took me away from everything, and gave me time to regroup my thoughts on the last weeks progress, as well as goals for the week ahead.

This last week I've tried to reach my goals, and here is a round-up of how I got on.

Writing - I've continued with the 15K in May challenge, its been tough going, and still is, but I'm making progress. Many thanks to those of you who came to my rescue mid week, when I really wanted to chuck it in and run away.

I also wrote a a blog post, and did some flash fiction. Researched an idea for an article, and checked out some writing competitions. Caught up with a few writing buddies briefly, and read a few pages of the latest Writers Forum magazine.

Walking - I wanted to do twenty minutes at least three times in the last week, and I've exceeded my target, blending urban walks into my week as well as somehow managing a country walk across fields midweek. It feels good to be walking regularly.

De-Junk - A fail I'm afraid - I ran out of time.

 Laughter - There was indeed some laughter, but there is room for improvement.

The week ahead...

Writing - More editing for my 15K in May challenge.

Reading - I'm missing my fiction fix, its time to spend some quality time with my nose stuck in a book.

Music - Any recommendations? I want to hear something new this week.

De-Junk - That old chestnut again. I must try to fill a bag, or a box this week.

Friends - I'm going to catch up with people I haven't spent much time with of late.

I hope you all had a good week too, and made good progress with your goals. Do let me know, I love hearing about your week.

Make it a good one!


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love the deer! I lost direction a bit towards the end of last week due to circumstances beyond my control - plus a trip to the cinema to see Star Trek in 3D glory :-) Hope you reach your goals this week - especially the catching up with friends part :-) x

    1. Yes, the deer were super on Sunday...You have reminded me I haven't been to the cinema in a while...I must rectify that soon. Have a good week. :-) x

  2. It's energizing to accomplish goals we have set. You sound like you're in a really good place in life. Photos are great.

    1. Thank you Sharon, I'm finding things tough this week, due to a very sore throat! I just keep chipping away.

  3. You've achieved lots, Maria, well done. I think it helps to have set goals, something to work towards. The photos are lovely, thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love reading other peoples blogs and seeing their pictures. They tell the story... ;-)

  4. Great pics Maria - love the bluebells and birds. Getting back into fiction will fire your own writing and drive you forward.

    For me the final edit on Chapter Two turned out to be a serious rewrite. Well pleased, have lost 300 words and brought the reader right on top the action.

    1. Sounds great Keith, readers love action, more so than the slow burn I think...well I know I do. ;-)

  5. Beautiful photos. Wow, you've accomplished quite a bit. I admire you for participating in the 15K in May challenge, so soon after the A to Z challenge. I'm still hopping around and trying to meet all of the participants from the challenge. I am a new follower of your blog/

    1. Melissa, welcome, and as soon as I feel a little better, (been struck down with hideous cold) I'll come visit!

  6. Hi Maria,
    Indeed this is marvelous, a great day break to catch hold of wonderful and lovely pics, I enjoyed a lot by seeing these lovely creatures you captured into your lenses, LOL
    Keep it up, good to be here,
    Keep inform
    I am Philip @ Philipscom
    An ambassador to A to Z Challenge @ Tina's Life is Good
    And My Bio-blog

    1. Hi Phillip,
      Thank you for visiting, I'l be dropping in soon.


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