Sunday, 26 May 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 26th May 2013

What a week!

Where I've been - Not far. Work, home, and latterly my bed! I went down with a particularly nasty virus on Tuesday morning, staggered through the working week, and spent most of yesterday resting, and recovering in bed, which is totally unheard of for me.

What I've seen - Watched a DVD called Source Code, a science fiction cyberpunk movie, which I enjoyed a lot, and it was my second viewing, as I saw it last year too!

What I bought - Writers' Forum magazine, which has a good article on submitting ideas to magazines, as well as lots of other useful advice for writers.

My goals for last week got a bit skewed, as you'll see below.

Writing - I got little editing done, the printer went to war with me, and it took me three days to sort out the problem, then illness put paid to any further work on my novel.

Reading - I've read no fiction, like I wanted to, other than the first few chapters of a fellow writers novel.

Music -  I haven't had any recommendations, and I didn't get around to checking anything out.

De-Junk - Great effort here, sorted several bags and boxes out and cleared some space. It felt quite liberating.

Friends - I said I'd catch up with people I haven't spent much time with of late, and I did see two friends one night last week, we enjoyed a meal and caught up with each others news.

This week, my goals are simple.

Writing - There are just six days left of the 15K in May challenge, I shall try and do some more on my novel.

Rest & Recovery - I'm going to take it easy.

What plans have you got for this week? Are you working on any projects with a deadline?


  1. You did well achieving that when you were feeling so ill. Hope you have a restful rest and recover soon. :-)

    1. Thank you Kirsten,
      Mostly the dejunking was done last Sunday, and some stuff on Monday last week. Tuesday, I felt dreadful and honestly don't know how I coped with all the 'real' life stuff going on around me. My cold is slowly easing now. I wouldn't wish this one on my worst enemy!

      Have a good week. :-)

  2. Hi Maria, you did well considering you had a nasty cold!

    Music Recommendations: Of Verona, Aine Minogue, Imogen Heap and Manu Delago may tickle your fancy.

    Glad you got some de-junking done!

    I bought a copy of Writing Magazine - we can compare notes - I don't ever see WF on the shelves around here, though this issue of WM had 5 cover articles that interested me into buying it (I only purchase it occasionally). Pondering a subscription though, as it may work out more cost effective. Do you subscribe to Writer's Forum?

    I really enjoyed reading your entire A to Z Challenge yesterday to catch up (finally!) and am planning to spend the week planning and plotting out a longer term list of my various projects so that I can continue progress on them all steadily :)

    1. Hello Louise,

      Not heard of any of the artists you've recommended so I'll have a listen during the week. Thank you.

      I subscribe to Writing Magazine, then pass it on to another writing buddy, basically, anyone at the club, who would like it.

      Regards Writers Forum, I buy it randomly, however, I've enjoyed most copies I've read this year, so I think I may request a subscription for Christmas!

      Thank you for your kind comments regarding the A to Z Challenge, I really enjoyed taking part, and am beginning to think non-fiction may be more me right now. I hope you've made some headway plotting out your longer term projects, I always think having a 'roadmap' is key to getting things done.

      Have a good week with your goals.

  3. Sorry to hear about all your problems. I hope you have a better week this week.😊

    1. Thank you Sally, I'm focusing on wellness. :-)

  4. I hope you have a good week of recovering and continuing with planning. I altered my schedule so I feel I am working slower and steadier tho being more productive on all projects.

    I shall think about a subscription of the magazine.

    Enjoy the music!


    1. I think I am going to do the same. Slow everything down. :-)

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Resting and reading is the perfect cure :-)

    1. Yes, Annalisa I think you are right...

  6. Have the same thing, so I sympathise. Not my idea of a rest, but thinking about Plan B and another Beechams Hot Lemon before regrouping and editing.

    Maybe the cure offered to one the evaders by the French Resistance was a better move. They sat him on a bicycle, shoved a bottle of red wine in his hand, told him to drink it asap, then get pedalling and sweat it out.

    1. Bit drastic that Keith! Hope you feel chipper soon.

  7. Glad to hear you managed to catch up with friends and have a clear out despite feeling unwell. I love a good de-junk day, it really is cathartic. Hope you're getting on alright with this week's goals :)

    1. Hi Catherine, its been a very long week so far. :-)


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