Sunday, 5 May 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 5th May 2013

St Pancras International - Maria A Smith

What  I liked about last week...

  • Fruit Smoothies - Rediscovering juice! While I was working away from home last week, I changed from drinking several cups of tea, to a large fruit smoothie each day. Fresh fruit, yogurt and pure 100% juice. Delicious! It definitely made a difference to my day, when I was flagging, after standing for hours at an exhibition it was a welcome relief. I felt energised again afterwards.  I might even dust off the liquidizer, and start making my own.

  • St Pancras International - The most fabulous Victorian railway station I've set foot in, a fantastic place for photography, eating, and shopping! I commuted through twice last week, and happened to stay a while on my return journey. Although, there wasn't much opportunity for photography, I managed to get the shot above.

  • 15K in May - The beginning of another writing challenge. 

  • Book Giveaway - Finally, I took some of my pre-loved paperbacks to my writers group and gave them away. It felt good knowing they were off to new homes. I really want to de-junk this year. I have collected far too many books and magazines. 

  • Music - Nina Simone, I love you! You are most definitely the high priestess of soul. I purchased The Very Best Of Nina Simone a few weeks ago, a fabulously relaxing album.

  • Lush - Treated myself to some of their fabulous hair products, and a body scrub. Because I'm worth it!

  • Work - Yes really, it was good to do something different for a week, and I was in the company of decent colleagues too, there was much enthusiasm for the task, and it makes a difference. 

And what I didn't like about last week...

  • Standing Up - All day long at the exhibition, and no amount of footwear changes made a shred of difference. Standing on hard concrete for hours isn't to be recommended for good foot health. Ugh! At least its done now. I have promised my poor feet a pedicure.

  • Cake - Lack of cake all week meant I had to cram two portions into the back end of the week. Mind you, both were very yummy! So it wasn't all bad.

  • Sunshine - Being indoors most of the week meant I missed the gorgeous sunshine. 

  • 15K in May - Not getting off to a good start, but more about that below.

Here is what I achieved...


A to Z Challenge - Completed! It felt good to get over the finish line. I really enjoyed it.

Weekly Flash Fiction - Written on the bus journey to the group. 

15K in May - Okay, I started, and in truth it was much harder than I expected to get going with it. I put this down to working away, and having such long days, and evenings. I had the tools with me to write, I just couldn't find time alone to get on and do it!

Since getting home, I have been bone tired, this has affected my output. I'll post more about it on Wednesday, as it'll have been running a week by then.

Phoenix Writers - Attended Saturday, and although we were a smaller group, there was still much activity and good critique given, and received. Its good to be amongst like-minded individuals.


Can you recall my list last week, Ideally, I'd like to read, chill out in a jacuzzi, go for a walk, visit an art gallery, eat a  delicious meal, and sleep! Realistically, I'll settle for a couple of things from the wish list.

Well, I did manage a couple from the list, I had a quick half an hour in the jacuzzi last Sunday, and a lovely Italian meal in London later in the week. I suppose if you count commuting across London too, I had two short walks. And an urban walk around Leicester yesterday.

Not bad for a very busy week, I'm counting it as mostly successful. Lots of reasons to be happy, and cheerful.

The week ahead then...

Writing - I'll be concentrating solely of 15K in May

Relaxation - Lots this week, I intend to concentrate on sleep, walking, photography, family and friends.

That is enough to be going on with, do let me know how your week looks?


  1. Superb photo Maria. Could be a good pic to illustrate a piece about the story arc and lines of sub plots.

  2. Greetings human, Maria,

    I'm ever so sorry I didn't realise you were involved in that challenge that brought further awareness of the alphabet with 26 letters. Well done for surviving a challenge that neither my human or I would ever do. In fact, we did an alternative to hopefully give those involved some light-hearted relief.

    St Pancras International is indeed a wondrous place and my human has been there. You have a busy life, my human friend. My human is a bit of a smoothie. Indeed, a healthy balance. Relaxation and taking caring of you, is vital to your overall well being. Well done, human.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

    1. Hello again Penny the Jack Russell dog, and modest internet superstar,

      Yes, i was foolish enough to participate again, this being my second year. Clearly didn't learn my lesson last time! Seriously, it was fun. Enjoyed the competition to write against the ticking clock, and publish a post everyday...

      And yes, I have a busy life, but I am very lucky to be able to balance things, and if the scales tip in the wrong direction, I have learnt how to get things back on track - although its been trial and error!

      I enjoyed your alternative A to Z it was fun!

  3. St the picture. Fantastic station. If you ever get the chance, the view of the River Thames from London Blackfriars is also worth a photo.

    1. If I get the opportunity, I'll take some shots...thank you for the tip, and thanks for stopping by the cafe...

  4. Good luck with your new challenge and I hope you manage to get some cake this week. Like the picture, I'd love to take some shots there but always seem to be hurrying through.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. You will have to allocate the time Sally - its the only way. I wanted to take many more shots but it wasn't to be, next time I'll make more time.

      Enjoyed your pictures during the A to Z challenge.

  5. Fantastic Maria - you accomplished a lot in a week! I ought to drink more fruit smoothies, they are so reviving! The 15k in May challenge sounds great and I'm sure you'll do great with it, as you did with the A-Z Challenge :)

    1. Hi Lou,

      Thank you, and yes, I think reviving is an excellent choice of word for the fruit smoothies.

  6. I think you did brilliantly - even if you missed out on cake and sunshine :-) I'm doing a writing challenge in May too - and so far it's been going much better than I could possibly have dreamed (now I've said that it'll all go wrong!) Hope you have a great week x

    1. It won't go wrong Teresa, whatever it is you are doing...I'm intrigued now, and want to know? :-)

  7. I love that quote. You did a lot last week. Enjoy the relax time.

    1. Thank you Jai, been out all afternoon in the sunshine, soaking up the vitamin D!

  8. Busy week, Maria - but you still managed to get some words on the page. Impressive. Imagine what you can achieve with a 'normal' schedule!

    I have also taken some nice pics at St Pancras - such a photogenic place. I've been looking for an excuse to sneak them in to a blog sometime, so I'm sure they'll pop up evenyually. I love the Betjeman statue, amongst other things.

    Keep up the good work and happy writing!

    1. Hello, a 'normal' schedule...I need to think about that one. I live a crazy life. I'm a writer.


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