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Goal List Week Commencing 28th July 2013

Two Little Ducks - Maria A Smith
Those of you paying attention, will of noticed I've skipped a week. I failed to post last Sunday, it wasn't possible for several reasons, so this post will cover the last two weeks, and the next one going forward.

Its been a funny two weeks...

Where I've been...Chatsworth House, and the fabulous surrounding parkland. Staying in the grounds this time, at the Caravan Club site. Its ideally placed for a weekend in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. You get your own key to unlock a gate in the walled garden which takes you straight onto the 1000 acre site. The park is farmed, and  there is a lot of livestock grazing, as well as being a food producing landscape. Much of which is and sold in the near by Farm Shop.  On this occasion I didn't go into the house, preferring to spend time outside in the Carriage House restaurant, and the shops set within the old stable block. Where I browsed for quite a while amongst the lovely gifts and books on display.

The Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop & Restaurant is worth a visit too, you'll be amazed at the quality of the produce fresh from the estate. As well as the variety of food on offer from local suppliers. I didn't have time to visit the restaurant there, but it is definitely on my radar for my next visit to Chatsworth.

What I've seen...Lots of ducks! They waddle freely, and fearlessly around in the courtyard of the walled caravan park I stayed on at Chatsworth. I have to say, they appeared very well fed, and seemed to have some sort of system to extort food out of the caravan owners. Bringing the youngest cutest ducklings around to visit, in the hope you would offer some small refreshment. They were particularly fond of biscuits I noted, as I observed the man pitched opposite regularly crumbling digestives for them. I'm not sure that it was very healthy for them though.

What I've Bought...Delicious food in the farm shop! Pork and Apple burgers, and chunky coleslaw. New glasses, are also on order after a visit to the Optician, and Writers Forum magazine. The note book in the picture is a gift I received from my mum. Very apt too!

Writing wise, I did some short pieces, an article, and made a plan for August.

The week ahead looks like this...

Writing  - I'll be working on my novel, and writing blog posts.

Walking - Continuing with my brisk walking plan.

How did your week go? Did you meet your goals? What plans have made for the week ahead?

New Note Book! - Maria A Smith


  1. Chatsworth is a place I really want to visit. I always link it to Pride and Prejudice (just because one of the character's mentions it). It's such a beautiful place - the shop and restaurant look lovely too.

    1. You would adore it! When you visit, be sure to take the guided tour, for just a few pounds more it is very informative and makes the house come alive...

      Christmas is a particularly good time to go, the whole place is transformed into a winter wonderland of the era. lots of references to Pride and Prejudice too.

  2. Aaaw cute ducks!

    I have been meeting my writing goals - perhaps I've made them too easy?

    1. Now then Patsy, you're not being lazy are you? Perhaps you need a review meeting with yourself, or someone you can trust to bounce your plan off? Another writerly type, who can listen and make helpful comments to steer you onwards perhaps?

      Everyone needs a little management, otherwise its easy to slip into making things so manageable they become boring, and there is no challenge to be had...I know. :-)

  3. Sounds wonderful. Chatsworth could easily become a favorite of mine. Lucky you! I often sit on my patio in rural eastern Washington (US) watching the birds. Of course we have lovely ponds nearby with wild geese and ducks, too. Goals this week? Write 4 hours a day. Yesterday got stuck on a chapter and turned the computer off. Now I'm behind, but hey...progress is progress. Worked hard today.

    1. Sharon, you sound like a trouper! Four hours a day is a lot in my book. I think maybe your brain deserves a little down time there. Hope you've managed to reconnect and get going again.

  4. That wee notebook is adorable! Would you recommend the writers forum magazine then? I'm thinking of hinting for some kind of magazine subscription for Xmas.

    1. I have recently returned to Writers Forum after a lengthy gap, and have purchased almost every copy this year. Mainly because of the free pull out writing calendar in the middle which I like to pin up and fill out each day.

      However, that said, the magazine articles are jolly useful, and I also like to read the stories that win the competitions. It helps to see what the standard is, and also what people are writing about these days.

      The letters page is a favourite, and also they usually feature an author, so at the moment it ticks a few boxes for me.

      I also subscribe to Writing Magazine, and Writers News, which is better if you are looking for places to submit your work. Do you get this one Catherine?

  5. Souns like a lovely place for a short break to re-charge your batteries.


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