Sunday, 7 July 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 7th July 2012

 Barton Marina, Staffordshire - Maria A Smith
I've just realised, we're half way through 2013, its gone very quickly. I'm thinking about the next six months, and what I'd like to achieve. I like to plan, having a path to follow makes me accountable, and I enjoy reading what you have been up to too. If your goals are like mine, or if they are entirely different, it doesn't matter, as long as we've all got an eye on what we want, before this year draws to a close.

If you haven't already, do take time to consider what you might achieve over the next few months, set yourself a goal, if its something huge, break it down into more manageable steps. Make a deal with yourself that you'll get it done, because its something you want to do, something you feel passionate about getting finished perhaps, or something new and exciting you want to start?

Last week I managed my flash fiction piece for the group challenge, just 100 words was all that was allowed. I also wrote a longer piece of flash fiction which I'm happy with, in a few days I'll look out for somewhere to enter it into a competition.

I didn't get very far with clearing the clutter, and I didn't get around to booking that hair appointment.

I did however go out walking a few times, and I also took my mum out for a visit to Barton Marina in Staffordshire. Its  a great place to go for half a day, although it was a very hot  day! Mum bought me a lovely present, a couple of note books I'd had my eye on in one of the marina shops.

The Week Ahead

Write an article




And I must book that appointment with the hair salon!

The Rest of 2013

Finish my novel

Publish an article

Over the next few months I'll be breaking these goals down into more manageable chunks, and sharing with you how I'm going to tackle them.

Have a good week, and let me know what you'll be doing.

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  1. Love the boats in the marina,very colourful. I am still de cluttering,I'm very pleased with the goals I set myself for it.I also managed to paint the garden fence ,which goes on forever,just a small bit still to do.Not managed to get much writing done as had so much to do in house. I've not booked a hair appointment either and need to. good luck with this week goals.


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