Thursday, 18 July 2013


Simple Pleasures - Maria A Smith 

When are you going to get back on that writing project? The half started short story, the novel stuck at chapter seven, the play left hanging on act one, or that poem you started in January for this years Remembrance Day competition? Its not too late you know, so why not fish out that shelved project, and start over.

Having talked to lots of writers over the last few months, it’s apparent that many of you have been away from your WIP (work in progress) for a while.  Perhaps like me, you’ve been giving your mind a break, switching off and recharging your creativity, or maybe you’ve moved house, or had a baby, perhaps retired, or just lost the thread of whatever it was you were writing.

Isn’t it time you thought about getting going again? Make a deal with yourself now. Set a date, (mine is August 1st)  and write it down somewhere. On your blog, in your diary or writers notebook, or on your fridge door! Writing it down somewhere prominent will make it more official, reinforcing it in your mind that the date is when you will be back at your desk working on your neglected project.  Lets make a new plan together, so that when the day comes we’ll be ready for action.

Firstly, we’ll need somewhere to write, and over the next week, I’ll be preparing a new space. A spare bedroom will become a makeshift writing room, I have a desk, and a chair already, its got good light too, not that it matters too much as I will mainly be writing in the evenings. Which brings me to when?

I’ve been looking at my diary, I haven’t got many regular time slots where I can fit some writing. I’ve decided to be harsh, and take a good look at what I can drop, things that aren’t as important to me as getting my novel finished.

In truth, I will have to find gaps, here and there where I can fit the things I need to do. I need to get back into the habit of using my time more wisely. However, I also recognize I need time to relax, so there is a bit of juggling to do there.

Have you got any half finished projects? Why not think about resurrecting them? Set a date, and don’t forget to let me know WHEN, you’ll be starting again.


  1. I haven't done any fiction writing in several months. Just felt burnt out or noncreative. But I'm thinking of starting again very soon. Feel like I'm maybe getting ready to work again. We'll see.

  2. Hello Richard,
    I totally understand, I used to be a fan of 'write everyday' but now I'm not so sure, as I too ended up totally burnt out! Which is why I've been taking it easy the last few months. I said I wouldn't write at all, but actually I have been doing some flash fiction, and blogging, but not on the scale of previous months.

    I do hope you can get going again.

  3. I've recently resurrected a project after a good few months break and it's going much better now. Sometimes a break is productive. Enjoy getting your new space just so - very exciting!

    1. Hi Beth, I'm happy to hear you're able to get going on your project again. I'm hoping for a productive five months to see out this year.

  4. My health and some large jobs on my house have hindered my editing in recent weeks. I have taken the interruption as a message to relax and take a writing break.

    Monday 22nd is my kickstart date. First order of the week is a trip to the library for some newly required research. That should ease me in nicely!

    1. Relaxation is good and VERY necessary... :-) I might join you and start a week earlier than I originally planned. I'll have to do some research over the next couple of weeks too.

  5. Hi Maria, great post.

    Yes, my new motto (well, it's an old one that I'm dusting off for the umpteenth time!) is to make sure that I finish things. The first of these things will be the short story I am currently working on. Had great feedback from the writing group today, it's outlined, and I want to reach the end of the first draft before next weekend.

  6. Hi Wayne, good to hear from you, I'm pleased to hear you had good feedback on your story, I hope I'll get to hear it read at one of our meetings. :-)

  7. Hi, Maria. I've been helping my son with his new business over the last few weeks and the days have flown, but it's definitely time to start writing properly again! I've decided now that if I break the plot for the novel into smaller sections, rather than thinking I have to work on a complete chapter when I do start writing, it'll be easier to fit it into the rest of the day.

  8. I'm breaking mine down into more manageable chunks too. Just trying to get to grips with Scrivener, as I think it'll be of use once i understand it! Good luck with your novel!


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