Sunday, 18 August 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 18th August 2013

I'm A Writer - Maria A Smith

I'm behind schedule. Am I concerned? Yes, but not enough to think I can't pull it back. I've been steadily editing the novel each day, although sometimes only managing twenty minutes at a time, which I've accepted, due to a heavy workload at the day job. Its meant I've slipped behind, and haven't done any re-writing.

I'm on top of my blog posts, and also wrote something to take along to my writers group session on Saturday, although I didn't get to read it out as it was a very busy session. We had another prospective member, who is writing a crime novel, and I enjoyed what I heard, so I'm hoping he'll come back again. 

I walked loads last week, used the MapMyWalk app on my phone I mentioned last week, and listened to music whilst pounding the pavements. I really enjoyed it, and got to thinking about how wonderful the weather has been this summer, and how I really don't want it to end. Realistically, it won't be long until the evenings pull in and its dark again, I just hope I can keep the momentum up, and manage to get out on my walks, which I really enjoy after a long day at work.

In other news, I've finally got one of those lovely teapots with a strainer inside. I've been after one for ages, leaf tea tastes so much better don't you think?

The Week Ahead

More edits

More blog posts

More walking

More tea!

Some reading

Submit some writing somewhere

Have a good week, and do share with me what you're up to, and what goals you have on your list.


  1. The key is not to panic and you'll be back on track soon.

  2. Hi Maria,

    I'm currently busy proofreading some documents for a hotel here in Malaysia. I need to get cracking to be finished by the end of this month!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  3. Good advice I'll bear in mind. Thank you Jack...

  4. Goals are always good. It turns the engine on, kind of like starting a car. But life can get in the way, and if you are like me, sometimes we idle in the driveway. I'm behind in my writing goals too, but determined to make some headway this week. Keep forging ahead. You'll get there!!

  5. Your week ahead looks much like mine, Maria. :-)


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