Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thought For Thursday - Do Something New

Thursday's Cake - Maria A Smith

Go on, let yourself go - be you! How about stepping outside of your comfort zone this Autumn, and doing something completely different?

September is traditionally the month when clubs and societies gain members, or people enrol on evening classes to learn something new and completely different. Or perhaps you just want to have fun! As the nights draw in, peoples thoughts turn to battening down the hatches, and building fires in the log burner. And theres nothing wrong with that idea, but its good to also entertain ourselves over the winter months. Summer activities might be curtailed, tennis whites back in the wardrobe, but your mind or perhaps body, needs something to do!

Did you have a flash of inspiration as you read the words above? Maybe saw yourself knitting a scarf, baking a cake, taking pictures of the winter landscape, or learning to play badminton? Perhaps you want to learn how to make fresh pasta, or grow your own vegetables in containers? Whatever it is, do something positive about making it happen today.

Get in touch with whoever runs the local evening classes, or Saturday Workshops, the leisure centre, or search online in your area. There is lots going on, and many clubs and organisations welcome new members. Maybe even join the local writing group.

Go on, let yourself go - be you!


  1. I wouldn't mind a piece of that cake and the teapot looks so inviting. I've joined many groups over the years,now I can't be bothered going out on cold winter evenings and would rather read a book. I don't mind doing something during the day but so many clubs and courses have closed due to government cuts. I wish there was a local writers group nearby I have asked everywhere and there's none. Hope to move house next year so I hope there's a writer's group where we're going,

    1. Hi Anne, I'm surprised you have no writers group nearby, but in saying that, I live in a huge University town, and I have to go into the city 12 miles away to find a group.

      I have even tried starting my own on several occasions, and I can't get any interest other than poets! The town is awash with performance poets... :-)

      I do hope when you move you are able to find a group, otherwise you might have to start one!

      Have a good weekend. X

  2. I love that teapot! And the cake looks delicious. I think it is such a good idea to have September as a starting point. Not sure there are any groups or anything I want to join, but perhaps a new writing project - ooh must get a new notebook for that :-) x

    1. I raided Staples last week, I have two new A4 notebooks, and a very nice selection of smaller ones. My addiction is almost as bad as it is for cake! Did I mention I also got some lovely red pens? :-)

      Enjoy the weekend Teresa X

  3. What kind of cake was that? It looks wonderful.

    This week I'm doing something new and very exciting. I've recently finished my first short story and am sharing it with two friends. Up until now I've only let my husband read my fiction, so this is big!

    I'm not quite ready yet, but some time in the not-too-distant future I'm going to join a local writers' group. I joined Writers' Huddle a couple months ago and it's helped me so much already. My goal is to at least check out a local group by the end of the year.

  4. Well done plucking up the courage to share your work with others. Its hard to begin with, but you'll see a benefit in the long run. The cake is Coffee and Walnut, and it was served up at an organic farm tea shop I visited.

    Writers Huddle is a great place for writers.

  5. It has been a gorgeous summer and I have spent a lot of time outside - walking (another 100+ miles of our glorious coastline), reading (I have about 20 books on my Birbeck Uni summer reading list) and writing scenes for my new novel in longhand in the garden. In a funny way, I am looking forward to autumn. Time to get back to the keyboard and get these fingers typing.

    Love the cake, by the way. I'm coming round ...

  6. Gosh! 20 books, I'm such a slow reader, I haven't managed much reading at all to my shame....
    It certainly has been a wonderful summer, but the Autumn will be lovely to see again.

  7. I'm still working my way through my '50 things' list and on that I have to attend a 'How to' class. This post has reminded me to keep searching for some kind of class to enrol on!!


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