Sunday, 29 September 2013

Goal list Week Commencing 29th September 2013

Bright Side of Life - Maria A Smith

Last week was very busy, mostly in a good sort of way. I got out and about in the gorgeous English and Welsh countryside. Its no wonder I'm not getting much done on the writing front, but you know what? I've decided not to worry. I've not felt well for a few weeks, and I'm only just beginning to recover my energy and feel more like my old self. It would have been pointless trying to write anything.

I'm still reading the same novel, and have the non fiction books to dip in and out of before I return them to the library. On the plus side, walking dominated the week. The weather was so good, I made the most of every available moment. We seem to be charging through Autumn, and I do love this season.

Looking ahead, I'll mainly be reading and writing this coming week. I still need to figure out a new outline for the novel now I've made further drastic cuts, and I've also got to get myself back on track. I'm at the point where all those 'puzzle pieces' I initially wrote need fitting together again, I need to know where the gaps are so I can figure out what to do next.

How about you? What will you be up to this week?


  1. Hope your week goes well, Maria. After so much hard work it will all suddenly come together and all those pieces will fit. I hope you feel properly better soon :-) x

    1. ,,
      Aww, thank you Teresa, I feel as if I had the rug pulled from under my feet. Its taking me much longer to get back up again, but I will! Hope your week is progressing well...

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time in Wales, Maria. I was in that position earlier this year with my novel and sat reading the entire thing, making notes for each chapter. It really helped me, having that 'to do' list to work through chronologically and helped me see further changes that were necessary. All the best with it! :)

  3. Getting out and about is good for inspiration I think, especially at this time of year with the autumn colours. Good luck with your writing this week Maria. I'm editing book 1 this week, then back to second draft of book 2.

  4. I love walking too, Maria. And on these lovely autumn days it's all too easy to be tempted outside when I should be writing!


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