Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thought for Thursday - Ugh! Its All Gone Horribly Wrong

Flicker Common

I'm going to follow my own good advice this week. I refuse to beat myself up just because the writing has ground to a halt. I had a decent  plan set up on Sunday, but due to things beyond my control, its gone awry. Felt tempted to type much ruder words then, but good manners prevailed. Anyway, things have definitely gone west as they say, I'm pushing water uphill with a brush!

I wrote on Sunday, but beyond that, nothing much has been done. This post is a day late, and I have many unanswered emails to sort out, as well other writing related stuff.  I even set the timer on my phone to do some edits on the novel early this morning, but its not completed due to 'real' life events. Never mind. I think I need a rest. Its okay to regroup, and change things around a bit, but first I'm going to sit down, put my feet up, and have a cup of tea.

Have you heard about this  writing competition? If you can write a story featuring food or booze, or both, you might be in with a chance. Entry is FREE. You've got until the end of the month, so go on. Remember, you have to be in it to win it! Did I mention the winner will receive £7,500 in cash?

Whilst I'm on the subject of food, has anyone seen the new Jamie Oliver series on Channel 4, Jamie's Money Saving Meals? Well worth a look in these cash strapped times. Lots of tips, and of course lovely delicious recipes. I've already purchased Save With Jamie and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can dish up over the coming months. His recipes are always a hit in my house, they are so easy to prepare and cook, just what I need after a crazy day at the office!

Anyone one else having a mad week?


  1. Hi Maria. You are right not to beat yourself up. You have had a couple of really productive weeks - pushing on with your own writing but also spending lots of time helping and supporting other writers.

    I'm sure the cogs are still grinding away on your story while you are away from the page. Keep up the good work.

    Kelly's Eye - Writing, Music, Life

    1. Thank you Mr Kelly, I'll be back on form soon, after recharging... :-)

  2. I enjoyed your piece in Chat, Maria about your back pain, glad you discovered shiatsu.

    1. Hello Virgoan Scribe, thank you, I should probably put something on my blog, :-)I was amazed, yet very glad to have stumbled across shiatsu, it has been a blessing, the article was a bonus.


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