Sunday, 13 October 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 13th October 2013

View Through My Window - Maria A Smith

The above image was the view I had through my car window on Tuesday afternoon, as I sat in a horrendous traffic jam which seemed endless, although luckily I was only caught up in it for fifty minutes. A beautiful autumn day in progress, is now a distant memory, its been lashing it down here for the last forty eight hours, and there is no sign of any let up if the weather forecasters are to be believed. The weekend weather has truly been miserable and grey, and has reminded me, that sadly there are probably going to be a lot more days like it, before we see the sunshine again.

However,  on a positive note, there will be more time for writing, as outdoor activities will be curtailed. Already I've spent more time on writing related activities this last week. I've done more on my novel, have written a new short story which I need to send off somewhere. As well as attended a writers workshop on inspiration, not that I really need any! But its good to network, and get out and about once in a while. The tutor was Linda Lewis, and she set us lots of writing tasks, which were fun to do, the day passed very quickly, although I was glad to get home and put my feet up beside the fire.

What else have I done in the last seven days? 

Received my first organic Riverford vegbox, in an attempt to eat more vegetables, and cut down on the chemicals we are all digesting. I'd promised myself I'd give them a go this autumn, as I generally eat out less often in winter, and have a little more time for meal planning, and cooking. I'm hoping I'll get in the habit over the next few months. So far so good, I chose the smallest box, so I could see exactly what I was going to receive, and I also ordered a salad bag too.

Both arrived before 8am on Wednesday morning, and were stuffed to the brim with lovely colourful vegetables. The quality is fantastic, although I'm not used to being faced with fresh from the field produce, so I need to get into a better routine of cleaning and storing the different vegetables for the week. Cooking from a vegbox is different, and personally I'm the sort that needs lots of inspirational recipes. Riverford are really good, there are loads online, and I've downloaded their App for my phone too, so hopefully I'll get into the swing of it quickly.

Anything that hasn't been cooked by Monday night, is going into making soup. I'm not too worried as we all absolutely love soup, and I've been hounded by the family to get back to making some, although there isn't  much left from the box.

I did get around to swimming, and resting, and even managed one early night. I need to work on that though as I have also had three very late evenings.

The week ahead then...

Writing - 

I need to send something off, be it a short story for a competition, or a letter to the pages of a magazine.
Do more on my novel
Prepare a brief for a writing project
Do the weekly flash fiction challenge for Phoenix Writers

Reading - 

Finish the novel I'm reading

Sleep - 

I'm going to keep a diary this week, and hopefully that will help me to form a good habit of getting to bed earlier! 

Has the last week been good or bad for you? What are your plans for this one?


  1. Time to get out the candles, fleecy throws and making soup. The difficulty is not making yourself too comfortable to leave the house and get some exercise! Good luck with your goals.

    1. Warm clothing definitely, and the log burner has been in action too!

  2. Just curl up in a comfy chair with your notebook and pen, big mug of homemade soup to hand and relax. Good luck with this week's goals. I daren't set myself any as I'd only break them and feel bad for the rest of the week.

    1. You could just set yourself one goal, its amazing how good you feel when you get to tick it off the list!

  3. Winter is certainly coming fast. We've not had much rain here,touches wood. I'm trying to catch up with writing my book reviews for all the books I read on holiday and I've done quite well so far. This week I have toddlers all week so trying to catch up today with blogs as I won't have much time later. Love the thought of getting a veggie box might try it myself.

    1. Hi Anne,
      Hope you have managed to catch up by now? :-)


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