Monday, 21 October 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 20th October 2013

Bare Trees - Maria A Smith

Here we are again. Another week gone, so did I make it count?

Where I've been - Its been a mad whirlwind week, my time has mostly been spent keeping on top of my day job, I needed to get up to date with lots of paper work, which is the least enjoyable part of work as far as I'm concerned! All done now, so I am smiling, and feeling rather smug.

Apart from that, I spent a lovely day yesterday with my writing buddies. Exciting times ahead as we embark on a new project. More news on that in a later post.

What I've seen - The Telegraph newspaper every day this week. I decided to take a paper again after a lengthy break, mainly because the news depressed me, and I really had no time to read daily. Okay so what has changed? I am nervously thinking I may have the same experience again, so I've swapped from The Times, for better or worse I don't know? Also I am making the time to read. It makes me sit down, it slows my much too fast pace of life, and I relax, which I need to do - but also, I must read a constant supply of well written articles if I am to pursue the idea of writing non fiction. The content has been varied, and interesting so far.

The good thing, is that I paid for a one year digital subscription with my Tesco Club Card vouchers, so it doesn't feel like I've spent any money on such a luxury! Its delivered every day to my iPad and once downloaded can be read off line anywhere. I'm impressed so far.

What I've bought - Perfume! Purchased on  impulse when I saw my favourite scent heavily reduced in one of those fragrance shops in the city, I couldn't resist. And breakfast, a proper treat. A lovely feast at Cafe Rouge, I can definitely recommend their omelettes, and the service was also outstanding. It set me up for the day.

In the last week I've not been able to get very much done on my novel, I will this week though as I'll be presenting my new outline on Saturday. I am very much looking forward to it.

I did the brief for the writing project and it was very well received by the group. Their enthusiasm was refreshing, and going forward it feels good to know everyone is onboard.

I sent a letter off to a magazine in the hopes of it getting published. It took ten minutes to write, and who knows it might earn me some pennies too. Unfortunately, I didn't get the flash fiction challenge done this week, I must try harder to get back in the swing of short pieces as they really do help with the longer writing projects.

Remember I said I'd keep a sleep diary, well, I did and I was horrified at how bad I am at getting a good nights rest, adjustments to my diet and lifestyle will have to be made, and I'm thinking its so close to changing the clocks that I may as well begin then.

How did your week go?


  1. Lovely picture, Maria.
    Looks like you've still completed important tasks, even if they weren't what you anticipated. Completion is so important, so that's worth a pat on the back.

    The latest issue of Writer's Forum popped through the door today and they're still doing a series on non-fiction writing. I can bring it along next time I see you if it's not one you get yourself. :)

    1. Thanks Leah...yes, do bring the magazine, I usually get a copy myself, but haven't seen it in my local newsagents this time.

  2. I love that picture, Maria! Sounds as if you've had a great week :-) x

    1. Yes, all good here Teresa, although I do wish they would slow down a little... :-)

  3. Really love that beautiful picture. Sounds like a productive week!

    1. Thank you Vikki, I am trying my best to keep going. Otherwise I don't feel as though I'm getting anywhere.


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