Sunday, 10 November 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 10th November 2013

Ever had one of those weeks? My best laid plans got turned upside down very early on. My 'to do' list wasn't awfully long, nevertheless, things altered and very quickly I realised it was going to be a week of issues.

My Mac isn't working properly, the track pad has a mind of its own and its freezing after twenty minutes of use. Its frustrating, how can one write! I've spent far too much time looking for a solution myself. It might be the battery at fault? The machine is sixteen months old, I'm disappointed.

An Uphill Battle - Maria A Smith
I was even more surprised when I took it to the local Apple shop on Saturday, to be told no one could look at it until Thursday!  I had no idea you had to book an appointment. Honestly, I didn't. Now I have to back up ALL my files. Another task. But then I am fairly good at backing up regularly, so there isn't much to do there.

Progress on the novel skidded to a stop, Word is affected, as is any keystroke. I can tell you there have been times when I've wanted to chuck the Mac out of the window. Never mind the 'Maccy Love' although to be fair, I've had issues with Windows PC's and laptops in the past. They are all rubbish when they go wrong! I really wanted to write another word, in place of 'rubbish' but good manners prevailed there. Not much makes me feel as helpless as not being able to fix my laptop.

I didn't meet up with my friends either, I was disappointed, one of them is unwell, and I understand all about that, we will reschedule in 2014, when hopefully things will be resolved. If that friend is reading this, then I'm hoping you are well on the mend now.

The family meal did go ahead, it was lovely to get together, and the food was lovely too. Its increasingly hard to get everyone together these days. Next time will be Christmas. Ugh! I've mentioned the 'C' word, not usually uttered until December where it belongs don't you agree?

Work last week was horrendous! Everything I touched seemed to be problematic, mostly I just get on with it. I'm in a service industry. Stuff happens! But, if I'm honest, it started to get to me, and the week was miserable.

I won't even mention the washing machine! Albeit to say, I now have a new one installed, and the service at Curry's is excellent, no wonder I keep returning...

On a positive, I managed the flash fiction challenge for Phoenix Writers, its not too bad writing 200 words on your phone. The meeting was well attended as usual, everyone eager to read, and offer constructive critique. I'm off the hook now, I won't be back in the Chair for two weeks as I have a prior engagement.

The week ahead is busy. Full of scheduled stuff, mostly work. Its hard to juggle it all, so I'll be happy with any writing this week, I need to get my Mac fixed, this is my priority. After that I'll rework two chapters of my novel.

I hope you week is good, and happy, and you are productive!


  1. Old Yiddish proverb "Man plans, god laughs" which is so true, but with all that you managed to find a positive and finish the post on a cheery note.

  2. Hello L, so far this week has been hellish too, but I keep telling myself I'm on the upward now. Your proverb made me smile. Hope your week is good and productive.

  3. Macs are a nightmare when they go wrong. At least you've backed up. Good opportunity to get a nice fountain pen out for a bit of long hand. Something artistically pleasing about that - until you start to scribble stuff out and change the words. The keyboard wins for me every time, I'm afraid. Fingers crossed that Mac is OK now and not too painful on the pocket..


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