Sunday, 3 November 2013

Goal List Week Commencing 3rd November 2013

Watching The Clock - Maria A Smith

Sometimes, we're so busy going about our lives, clock watching, rushing here, there, and well, all over the place, flitting form one thing to the next. We forget the small stuff, the things that makes us happy, and bring value into our lives. Those really little things that happen, like when someone says 'hello' and stops to chat when you're feeling blue, or when a total stranger gives you their unused parking ticket, or someone says the right thing, at just the right moment. Or maybe, finding a fiver in the gutter, when you've just lost your last pound.

The stuff that seems small and inconsequential  to you, like passing on old magazines you've read, giving someone a lift, or popping in on your elderly neighbour, these are small pleasures to someone else. I'm lucky, my life has been rich with small pleasures this last week. I've been treated to tea and cake, shared lots of laughter with fellow writers, seen autumnal trees in dappled sunlight, listened to music as I rewrote the first chapter of my novel, and I've experienced satisfaction at completing something that has been niggling for a while now.

 I've seen pleasure on someone else's face when I paid them a compliment, and took time out to listen to someone whose life has been thrown upside down. Most of these things were lovely and special, and some, although they felt sad at the time, have hopefully made someone else feel better, or valued, or gave them a minutes respite from their own situation. And that makes me feel good about taking the time to listen or help, and yes we're all busy, but in a lot of cases it only takes a few minutes to make a difference.

This week I'm looking forward to catching up with friends, continuing with my rewrite and a family meal out to celebrate my daughters birthday. Everything hinges on time management though, something I try to master every week. Last week I won the battle, did you? Lets see what happens this week. What will you be up to?


  1. Maria I read this last night but couldn't think of a comment as nothing nice has happened to mien the past week. I have flu and a chest infection so I've been stuck at home. Then I remembered this morning that my hubby went to the shops early on Tues morning before his long drive to Aberdeen for an overnight stay. He went especially to buy me fresh bread and soup and a cake,so there you are you've made me look for something nice in my horrible week,thanks!

  2. Writing, writing, writing! That's what I'll be doing. And working, working working. :)
    I'm over my bug (hopefully it was just a 24 hour thing) so now it's time to get on with meeting my goals. Woop woop!

    Enjoy the family meal; that sounds like a lovely treat!

  3. Lovely post, Maria. Sometimes lots of small things are much more pleasurable than one big thing. Enjoy your meal!


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