Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Picture This! - A Winter Walk

Sitting On The Fence - Maria A Smith

I captured this little fellow whilst out walking, and it got me to thinking how popular the robin is in this country, with its bright red breast, its easy to spot year round, but especially on frosty mornings.

January has been very mild so far, and there has been no sign of snow, and not many icy mornings either. As far as I know we have none forecast in the near future. What a contrast from last year, when  most of the UK was white over for weeks. I'm not complaining, because it means its easier for me to get out walking.

I always feel much better after a brisk walk, not only am I getting some much needed exercise, I also get to listen to some music, or more recently I've been downloading audio books, and listening to them as I plod the streets near to where I live. Its great because I'm multi-tasking!

January Afternoon  - Maria A Smith


  1. I like robins. I suspect part of the reason they're popular is that they're easy to recognise.

  2. What beautiful photos - I like robins too (and winter). I do agree about a good walk in the fresh air!

  3. Gorgeous pictures. Aw, lovely robins, they always look so cheery! What a great idea to listen to audio books as you walk x

  4. Lovely pic of the robin Maria- my favourite bird. I love going for walks on the crisp days with blue skies which we (sometimes!) get at this time of year. There's been a lot of rain in our neck of the woods lately. A belated Happy New Year to you.x


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