Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Mad, the Bad, and the Crazy - Welcome to My World!

The Hide - Maria A Smith

I was very tempted to post a picture of a headless chicken today, then common sense prevailed and I thought probably not the best idea, but honestly this has been the craziest week so far in 2014! I have no doubt there will be others, and I will have to deal with them in my usual way. Whatever life throws at me I just get on with it, and to be honest I do strive on a bit of stress, I expect it nowadays. Its the times we live in isn't it? The world has somehow speeded up! However I made myself a deal earlier in the month to unbusy myself.

This was just one of those weeks. The day job has been very busy, add to that major issues with travel due to a huge burst water main on a major road nearby, which caused chaos for miles and miles around. Lots of family related stuff, as well, and  some looming deadlines to get my writing submitted, made for a proper crazy week.

One highlight early in the madness was attending a writing related event, which I blogged about here 
Another was meeting up with my writing buddies at the weekend to discuss getting more work out to editors and competitions. As well as some lively discussion about the writing life.

I did write. Flash fiction, a proposal, and edited a short story, but alas I did not get stuck into the novel. I am not worried, I am working on it in my head. I'm sure you writerly types will understand what I mean?

The week ahead is definitely going to be more calm. Do you know why? Because I'm on holiday, yay! I'm going to do very little now for the next week, my aim is to relax and recharge, and I may do just a little writing to fill the gaps.

What is it they say?

Strong walls shake, but they never collapse.

Have a good week friends.


  1. Enjoy your holiday. Sounds like it's come just at the right time.

    1. It did Patsy, I'm back now, and just completed my first day back at work. The time away was very relaxing...

  2. ^_^ Sounds like the break is right on time! Enjoy the holiday. x

    1. Thanks Leah, I have had a peaceful time away.


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