Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Reading Challenge

Girl Reading - Maria A Smith

Do you get cross if you don't get your reading fix? I do, and until recently I used to get really
frustrated about my lack of time to settle down with a good book. I love to read, its the next best thing to writing isn't it?

You know how it is, time gets away from us and none of us have enough of it, do we? Many of us barely sit down to meals properly these days, and if you're a writer, there is always the dilemma of writing, or reading. Juggling the two is hard. So how to fix it?

I don't have a special time set aside to read, it just wouldn't fit into my erratic lifestyle, so I grab moments whenever I can, and my biggest success this year has been the audio book. Hurrah for talking books! I love them because you can iron, cook, drive the car, pull out the weeds, take a bath, or do just about any other task, or chore, and listen to your book. Some are read better than others, I particularly like it when the author reads their own work, although you get used to voice quickly, and the adventure begins.

Currently, I'm listening to  Stephen King's Mr Mercedes, a suspense thriller which I'm just beginning. I've recently finished  the The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) having enjoyed the first in the series, The Cuckoos Calling a few months earlier. I simply couldn't leave the characters without hearing more of their story. If you like crime, give them a go.

This isn't an advert honest, but for anyone wondering how I listen to audio books regularly , because they are, in my opinion VERY expensive to buy. I use Audible which is a monthly subscription service, its the price of two decent coffees, and you can get offers much cheaper than that for your first three months. The books are downloaded to your chosen devices, and its all very easy to do. You get one book a month, via a credit system, and the opportunity to change your book if its not what you expected, or you aren't enjoying it. No questions asked. Their list is extensive, and includes both fiction and non-fiction.

Apart from Audible, if I see CD's on offer, or in the charity shops I'll grab them for use when I'm stationary. Usually when I'm cooking or ironing, as I don't have a CD player in my car, instead I listen via Bluetooth on my phone.

I still read traditional books of course, usually non-fiction, and I skim read magazines, picking out articles, or stories that appeal. I tend to keep them though, which adds to the clutter lying around the house! Any tips on beating my magazine hoarding addiction are most welcome.

I do have a subscription to a newspaper which was a gift and is delivered to my Ipad daily. I like that, although, sadly I can't possibly keep up with every issue otherwise I really wouldn't get any writing done would I?

Do you love reading too? How do you fit it in? How do you do it?

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