Thursday, 29 January 2015

Writing Friends Are Electric!

Image Credit - Ed Yourdon

Ever felt alone or inadequate when it comes to your writing?  Wanted to chuck it in?  Perhaps you can't devote the time you'd like to give to writing, or maybe you aren't getting your work out into the world, or you are and its not hitting the mark? Is no one visiting your blog anymore? Or you can't finish  that novel?

These things make us feel insecure, and its at times like these that  you need your friends. Your writing buddies. The people who can relate to what you're going through, interact with you, and chivvy you along when things get tough.

Writing buddies help each other to get past the obstacles in our way.  They understand when you're stuck in a plot hole, when you can't dig yourself out and get back on track. Chances are they've experienced the things that are causing you grief.

When everything feels lost  get in touch with a likeminded friend. Send them an email, call them up, meet up and have a coffee, or a beer, or whatever it takes to get yourself out of the situation. Writing friends will help you find your way back, they'll help you recharge, and a sympathetic ear will do wonders for your mood, and you'll soon be tapping those keys again.

If you haven't got a circle of friends around you, then maybe consider joining a writing group. Sharing thoughts and worries is good for your soul, friends will listen and can give you valuable feedback, and possible solutions. Of course its up to you if you take the advice offered, but at least you've shared your concerns.

Maybe you already know another writer who is willing to meet up every once in a while to discuss how things are going? Meetings like this are good because things that are niggling can be aired before they become big issues. Perhaps, you just need a friendly ear, you know exactly what you want to do in the middle of your story, but you want to run it by someone else who understands viewpoint and pace. This sort of meeting is productive and can settle things in your mind.

Are there people you know online? Twitter or Facebook friends? Why not ask a question? Most writers are only too willing to help each other. Social networking has opened many doors, there are forums and groups around for every genre.

If you've visited conferences you'll have spoken to people, perhaps taken down their email addresses and maybe even offered them some advice. Why not look them up, they may be able to help you with a query.

Don't sit there feeling blue, reach out. Friends really are electric.

Have you got any writing buddies? Twitter pals, or people you contact when the going gets tough? Do you find it helpful running things past another writer?


  1. This is why I love my Saturdays. :) Seeing you and the others at the group really recharges me. Just being in that atmosphere sets me up for the rest of the week.

  2. Just what I needed to hear. I'll pick myself up, dust myself down and act on the constructive criticism I receive. I'm feeling sorry for myself after four rejections (so far) since the start of the year and no acceptances.

    1. Well done for getting your work out there! All rejection means, is that you just haven't found the right editor yet. It'll happen, keep plugging away, success will come.

  3. Louise Ann Knight30 January 2015 at 13:33

    A great, uplifting post! I count you as one of my writing buddies. Happy creating :)

    1. Thank you Louise, hopefully we'll hook up this year.

  4. I was actually surprised last year when I took stock of my writing support group. Far more than I could have imagined. Throw in The Huddle, and well... I'm more than set. :D

    So thank you for becoming yet another buddy. Your advice over at the Huddle has really helped me take a step in the right direction to improve. It's always fantastic to bounce ideas off of you guys or my local buddies.

    1. Hi Dana, Good to see you over here on my blog, and i'm so happy the advice was useful.


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