Sunday, 29 March 2015

Goal List - Week Commencing 29th March 2015

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Has a whole week passed since last I wrote?

Yes...I've been so busy putting one foot in front of another, and slowly gaining my confidence, I'm late posting. I've been enjoying getting out into the fresh air. Short walks, taken slowly too, but I'm walking!

I've been wading up and down in the swimming pool too. Getting a few odd looks, but thats alright, I just smile, it confuses people. They don't know what to do. Thankfully most smile back, or shout over a cheery 'hello' as they swim alongside.

Endless exercises to strengthen my back and abdominal muscles are being learnt. Its a challenge! Very tiring, but good to know, I can make things happen. I'm feeling much better than last week, and thats an improvement right?

I attended Electro Acupuncture for the first time last week. Oddly, it doesn't involve needles being inserted into the skin, instead, electrodes are stuck onto the surface of the skin, then electrical stimulation is passed through the electrodes and it has the same effect as applying it through needles. You don't take your clothes off, just your socks and shoes. It was a strange experience.

Afterwards, I was supposed to feel a little worse, but that didn't happen, in fact I went home, slept and woke up the next day feeling better than the previous day.

I weaned myself off the real nasty painkillers last week, and I'm managing the pain,  its up and down, and I have to be patient and go slowly. I know it will take a while before the fog clears.

Writing wise, I wrote a short article, and continued to outline my novel, asking myself lots of questions, I guess what I'm trying to do is milk the story idea for all its worth.

Saturday I managed to get along to my writers group, which was lovely, as I got to see my friends for the first time in three months! I realised how much I missed them, as well as how I'd better get myself together and produce something in readiness for the meeting after Easter. Having a deadline is a good thing right?

This week, I'll continue with the walking, go for some more electro acupuncture,  and try to write something fresh, maybe the flash fiction piece I need for the next writers meeting.
The novel outline needs finishing off. There are still some grey areas.

Have a good week, and don't forget, on Wednesday you'll find me on Twitter at 8pm GMT  for #writingchat where Patsy Collins and I will be raising the question, 'Should writers be paid?' I have a feeling that topic will spark some interest.

I'll return to give you a further update on progress on Easter the meantime, have fun with words. Get stuck in and produce something wonderful.

Have a great week!


  1. Great to see you at Phoenix Writers this week, Maria and lovely to hear that your recovery continues. Looking forward to hearing some new writing from you next week - I hear the chair person is rather strict though, so be careful!

    Kelly's Eye - Writing, Music, Life

  2. Glad you've had a reasonably good week, Maria - and warmer spring weather should surely be here soon!


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