Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Day After

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A round-up of last week

The day after Sunday was Monday...

And I can't for the life of me think what I did on Monday? Thats a bit rubbish! I do recall going for my second dose of Electro Acupuncture, a twenty five minute zap to sort my sciatica out. It seems to be working well, and I decided to cut the remaining pain killers. Time to go cold turkey.

The day after that was Tuesday...

Busy day, doing physical therapy exercises, walking and visiting my GP, hoping to discuss a phased return to work. It wasn't to be, the GP decided I must go back to him next week when he hopes to see me stronger. I felt deflated, but the last thing I want to do is wreck the good work I've done to recover.

The day after was Wednesday, and I took part in #writingchat 

Patsy Collins and I started #writingchat on a Wednesday evening on Twitter as an experiment. We wanted to see if there was anyone out there who would appreciate some writerly chatter. Or if the world of Twitter was simply full of autobot tweeting. All I can say is, WOW! There are lots of writers out there who enjoy an hour 8pm - 9pm GMT of on topic talk. Last week we discussed the topic, 'Should Writers Be Paid?' and we got a good response, and a few different views. Its all good stuff, and for the foreseeable future we'll continue to network with each other via Twitter. Do join us, by searching the hashtag #writingchat  don't be shy, dive in, make friends, interact, share your views and maybe learn something to help with your writing life.

The day after Wednesday was Thursday

Decisions, decisions...what to do with the novel in progress. It has been said to me several times now that my WIP would make a good Young Adult novel. This has come as a bit of a shock as I know nothing about the YA market. Not a thing! In fact, I've maybe only ever read a handful of what would be classed as YA books.What to do? I have no idea.Where can I go to learn about YA writing? Does anyone out there know any good resources apart from the library?

The day after the Leaders Debate was Friday

What a debacle, first, poor, poor choice of set, made the politicians look more like contestants on a game show. Akin to 'The Weakest Link', although no sign of Anne Robinson, it had the same sort of feel about it. Whatever your views, I will not be bias to any one of the brave men and women that stood up on live TV, in front of millions of viewers on Thursday evening. Some members of the public, who before the show, had preconceived idea of who they wished to vote for, reportedly changed their minds after viewing the programme. Such is the power of a live debate.

Human behaviour is very odd, did anyone else notice how some people really wanted to be there, whist others looked like rabbits caught in the glare of headlamps as the debate opened? Depending on whose poll you believe, YouGov are saying Nicola Sturgeon owned the night. Whereas ICM were quick to report that Miliband  beat Cameron by a whisker! And the Daily Mirror had them in a tie, with Farage coming up behind. Natalie Bennett came out last on everyones list. Well, I wonder if the public were voting for the political views of these people, or for the star entertainment? No doubt the circus will continue over the next few weeks. I need to do more writing.

The day after the Leaders Debate was also Good Friday...

The oddest Good Friday ever, not venturing out, I made the best of a rainy day and set to and organised my writing life. We all get disgruntled with things, and quite often can fall into bad habits if we don't regroup and look at the big picture. Which is exactly what I did on Friday. one thing I want to introduce, is a list of all writerly activities, so that I can keep track of what I'm doing. Even a little thing is an achievement these days. All of us probably do more than we think we do.

The day after that was Saturday...

A day of writerly stuff. Some tweeting, some re-jigging of an outline, reading my old synopsis, and a chewing of the bottom lip over what to do about the YA thing? Cat among the pigeons springs to mind, and although I don't want to be saddled with something I'm not keen on, I feel I must explore the unknown and find out more before I proceed a step further.

More electro acupuncture followed in the afternoon, and afterwards on the drive home, hearing Leicester City had won a football match! Hurrah! Hopefully, they've turned a corner. Not nice to keep trying, and never getting there. We writers know all about that don't we? I really must submit some writing to competitions this coming week. Once home, on with the chef's hat, then  the final of 'The Voice,' oh I'm easily pleased these days. I also started a pen and printout edit on a friends manuscript, so not exactly slacking all night.

The day after that is today, Easter Sunday...Happy Easter!

I have no sciatic pain. Another hurrah! However, I feel rough after a terrible night of waking on the hour, every hour and tossing and turning in my bed. Possibly withdrawal symptoms from stopping the painkillers? And so thirsty, I had to keep getting up to have a drink in the early hours. Consequently, I feel lousy! BUT, as ever, I've done my daily exercises first thing. It was an effort. Then went out for a walk to help take the stiffness out of my back - it hasn't worked though.

This afternoon, I put my feet up, finished the edit I'd started,  and read April's Writing Magazine, I'm so far behind with reading and know that the next issue will be here any day soon.

Right, I'm off here now, because my hour is up and I've been standing typing this, and I need to stretch, and sit down. I'll be back soon to share my goals for the week ahead.


  1. You are certainly a real writer-glad you are pain free-enjoyed this post!

    1. Thank you Lynne, good to see you over here.

  2. Nice post Maria - nice narrative device, 'The Day After'. As ever, you keep pushing along with Writerly stuff, even when you're not running at full strength. Well done.

    Re the YA thing, other than reading 2 or 3 YA books, my first port of call would be Chuck Wendig. He has a couple of YA series and, as you know, he writes across a range of genres. He has a really useful post here -

    I definitely think YA is the way you should go with that novel. You can cover a lot of teen issues, but more importantly, have an exciting story to tell.

    Kelly's Eye - Writing, Music, Life

    1. You might of rumbled me...I was sent the brief, 'The Day After' by my writing buddy, with one hour to complete it. I also killed two birds with one stone so to speak, as I needed to write a blog post too!
      I forgot all about Chuck Wendig! I've read one or two of his books, but i will slip over and have a look at that post. Thank you. :-)

  3. What a full week you've had. Is life always like this? Interested to hear about the benefits of electro-acupuncture on your sciatica. When I'm not word-juggling, I teach yoga, and this is a really common complaint. While I can recommend some postures that might help, it's always useful to know what else is available.

    1. Julia, I used to do yoga regularly, and it did help a lot! However after a couple of years, I started over stretching and ended up with backache after the session. I don't think it was technique, the tutor did her best but we did the same things week in week out, and I think I just tried to bend further. I know it works when its done properly and would love to hear your recommendations.

      Electro-acupuncture works in a similar way to regular acupuncture without the needles, by stimulating the nerves.

      And err yes, life is mostly always like fact usually much more hectic. Something I have realised is an area I need to improve upon. I need to live life in the slow lane.


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