Sunday, 3 May 2015

Out of Sorts & (Goals Part 4) - 3rd May 2015

Ugh! I'm full of cold. My nose is blocked up, my head hurts and I'm feeling out of sorts. I've been like this since Thursday, I guessed it was brewing beneath the surface a few days before. Never mind, on a positive, I'm in Derbyshire for a few days and nights, and have managed to get out and about in the fresh air to walk, and take pictures.

After arriving Friday, in bright sunshine - it's now cold, grey and raining. It has been lashing it down throughout the night. Typical England. So changeable, and unpredictable.

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Productivity has been low since mid-week - is having a cold a new type of procrastination? No, not at all, I'll be back on track very soon, and anyway, all things considered , I didn't do too badly.

1. Novel Rewriting - DONE - I wrote a new opening chapter instead of doing anymore work on the existing one.

2#Writingchat - DONE - More writerly chatter on Twitter, we talked about 'ambition' and motivation.

3. Blog - DONE - Better Than Before All about editing.

4. Exercise and Diet - DONE - Mostly. On the exercise front I deserve a gold star. Pilates, Aroma Ball Relaxation Class, Pool exercises, Nordic walking, and loads of mat work! On the diet front, I deserve a kick up the backside. My will-power has been awful! I've chomped my way through my body weight in chocolate in the last week. I'm now feeding the cold whatever it wants as I can't taste a thing. I'm disappointed with myself.

The coming week then...

1. Recovery - Top priority, I have a gruelling work schedule coming up that will take me away from home from Wednesday onwards, so in-between time, I need to get rid of the cold. I'm planning to be good to myself. All too often before, i've tried to keep up with everything, and made myself far worse. So its a go slowly this week as much as it can be.

2. Flash Fiction - 150 words required for Saturday.

3. Phoenix Writers - I'm in the Chair on Saturday, my job will be to keep order, and make sure the readings are done in an efficient manner.

4. Novel Rewriting - More editing required.

That is it my friends. Not massive goals, but all doable I hope, and writing them down makes the harder to ignore. Even though, they are small, they are all part of my bigger goals.

How was your week? And what do you have planned to help you reach your goals?


  1. Best of luck with your goals this coming week Maria, and hope you feel better very soon. I need to up the exercise, and cut down on the choc/cake for all the events coming up this summer. Also need to get my WIP done for the RNA New Writers' Scheme deadline of the end of August.

    1. Hi Anita, sounds like you have a busy time ahead. I hope you manage to get some things sorted out this week.

  2. Shame about the cold; hope you manage to wave it goodbye. You make a key point in saying that you've created doable goals. We achieve nothing by being over-ambitious and then getting gloomy about failure. This week I'm editing, trying to add more words to the second novel - and I've blogged about goals!

    1. I'm nipping over to your blog for tips!

  3. Focus on what you've achieved, which is masses considering you've got a cold. Yes, eat whatever you want while you're poorly. Here's to a better time this week.

    1. Thank you Julia, much appreciated...sometimes we have to follow our bodies, and mine is saying rest, and recover.

  4. The cold will be gone soon and you'll be raring to go. I believe chocolate to be medicinal so don't feel guilty about the intake!

    1. I've heard that before... ;-) Thanks Wendy...


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