Thursday, 25 June 2015

It Rained, So What?

Image Credit - Pixabay

Yesterday, hubby and I set out from middle England to North Wales, from bright sunshine to dull dark skies in the hills and valleys. Yes, it is disappointing. Harsh, when you work all week, when your time isn't your own, then you have free time, and the weather is pants!

We English are obsessed with the weather, so they say, and to be honest to an extent we probably are,  because we see so little constant good weather. Never mind. We're used to it, we can cope. And a break is a break isn't it?

Did I mention we're away in our caravan? Ah well, if I didn't, then now you know. Caravanning is something I never had on my 'to do list', but hubby persuaded me to  try it for a season, so we did, almost eight years ago, and we both became hooked! We love the freedom, and have explored many places in the United Kingdom that we would never had done, had we not had the caravan.

Luckily, when we arrived at Coed-y-Llwyn Caravan Club Site in the Snowdonia National Park we were able to set up without seeing any rain, and did the necessary practical things we'd be  needing for our time here. It is very peaceful and quiet. The only sounds are birdsong, broken by the occasional person knocking awning pegs into the ground, or the trundle of a water barrel being pulled past our pitch. I'm typing this post looking out onto lush green hills for as far as the eye can see, and I can tell you the air is fresh and unpolluted. Its a pleasure to breath here. The sky is a little overcast though, and we'll be needing our waterproof jackets today.

I feel very lazy, because we made a plan last night. Over a delicious meal of Slow Cooked Pork Belly, Creamy Leek Mash and Seasonal Vegetables. Yum! Served in very different surroundings. Spooners, is situated on the platform at Ffestiniog Railway Station, and came recommended by a local man I stopped in the street and simply asked where was the best place to eat? I often do this, as the locals know where the better eateries are, and are happy to tell you.

We'd already discussed taking a trip on the Welsh Highland Railway, from Porthmadog to Caernarfon on a steam train earlier in the afternoon. So it was apt we ate at the station, which was charming, and very busy. I noted some off duty staff were having an after work drink and meal there too. I do love to see people interacting together like this, chatting and laughing, and not a mobile phone in sight! I fear these days will soon be all gone as future generations don't communicate in the same way. The art of conversation is definitely at risk.

Anyway, I'm digressing, it rained overnight, and we woke this morning to drizzle and mist, so that plan has been put on hold, as there is little point taking the scenic route today. Instead we've been lounging over a leisurely breakfast. Hubby is reading, and I've been writing. That is a good happy feeling.

However, I must go, and do something now, and guess what? Perhaps I won't need that waterproof jacket after all - the skies are clearing, and if they don't, so what! I'm on holiday.

More words soon and a better picture too I hope.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Hope you're having buckets of fun and that the rain holds off long enough for you to have a decent mooch around. ^_^

    1. We did indeed have a mooch! It's great exploring new places, especially as you can make the odd coffee stop here and there.

  2. This sounds like my idea of heaven - fresh air, rolling hills and flowing words. Perfect for recharging the batteries.
    Have a great time and we look forward to hearing more.

    Kelly's Eye - Writing, Music, Life

    1. Amazingly, I've got into it very quickly. I'm trying to write something every day too.

  3. What a lovely picture you've painted, Maria.


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