Sunday, 26 July 2015

Big Is Not Always Beautiful - 26th July 2015

Tools of The Trade - Image Credit Pixabay

Last week I struggled to reach my goals. I have better news this week.

1. Write 1000 new words. Done
2. Edit a novel chapter. Done
3. Plan menus, and shop online accordingly. Done
4. Go for three 20 minute walks Managed two walks
5. Flash fiction, 150 words required for Saturday morning. Done
6. Listen to a podcast Failed
7. #Writingchat Done
8. Clear more clutter! Managed a few tasks
9. Get in the pool three times. Got there once
10. Book a day out with a friend Sorted
As well as the above, I did a Pilates class on Tuesday, and booked myself a one to one session with an instructor yesterday to go through the moves. I'll be honest, Pilates is not my exercise of choice. However the physiotherapy department at my local hospital rave about it being the best thing to do for yourself if you have a bad back. Due to the core strength work. So I'm giving it my very best shot. 
The session was much better than I anticipated although very hard work! I think I'm going to ache all over tomorrow. 
I'm not making a big list this week. I'm taking the advice of the followers on this blog. I'm going to go with a smaller list and be a bit easier on myself. 

The week ahead and the stuff I want to do...
1. Phoenix 150 word challenge
2. Edit a chapter
3. Four exercise sessions
4. A day out 
5. Listen to my audio book
That's it! I'm looking forward to hearing how you got on last week? And all about your plans for the week ahead.


  1. I feel like I'm not always getting your posts because it has been ages since I stopped by! Glad the Pilates was better than you hoped, though my mother insists that it takes a good while to get used to. And yet, once you're there, it's incredibly good for you. She's right about other stuff so far . . .
    Have a good week! ^_^

  2. It's a great idea to list goals and keep yourself accountable. I think about my goals and then promptly forget them :-) A day out with a friend is a great item to have on your to-do list!

  3. Great week, Maria - I really need to get some form of regular exercise like swimming or dancing so thanks for making me thing about it again!

  4. Keep on keeping on. If you do nothing else this week, I hope you manage to have your day out.

  5. Think I managed all my planned writing stuff last week. That probably means I've missed something else important.

  6. Go you, Maria. A pat on the back for all those 'dones'.

  7. I think you have got loads done.I must start writing things down and tick them off myself,I probaly do more than I think I do.


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