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Clinging Onto The Plan - 19th July 2015

Please...let me sleep!  - Image credit Pixabay

The title of this post says it all really - last week didn't go to plan, my back flared up on Monday, which was horrendous timing as I was working away from home for a couple of days. Consequently,  I was very tired, due to travelling and discomfort. I'm grateful to say, things have improved very much, and I am more or less back to normal, having done all the things I learnt in my recent NHS back classes.

Here's a recap of my original list with results.

  1. Get to the pool as often as is possible in the midst of a busy working week. Two visits.
  2. Go for a walk. Managed an urban walk around the city streets. Very pleasant, lots happening, and lots of people watching opportunities.
  3. Write 1000 new words - Can't help feeling guilty about this one. Not done. 
  4. Edit a chapter of the novel - Not done.
  5. Spend an hour planning menus for the week ahead. Mostly done. 
  6. Make an appointment for an eye test. Found out the optician had messed up and I don't need one until November, and they don't make appointments that far in advance. 
  7. Pick up some paint charts and look at colours for the lounge. Done, but still none the wiser on a colour. I have until the beginning of September to choose.
  8. Tune into #writingchat at 8pm on Wednesday evening on Twitter. Done, and there was lots of discussion and shared gems about reading in general, as well as what books are useful for writers. 
  9. Spend my book token. Not done
  10. Listen to a podcast. Not done
What I did do was listen to the last half of an audio book whilst multi-tasking other jobs around the home, or driving. I also went to Phoenix Writers on Saturday morning to hear my writing buddies read their work, upon which I hope I offered constructive critique, and I did the 200 word flash fiction challenge which had to be about the most mundane job you've ever done. My piece was about when I left school at sixteen and went to work in a cigarette vending factory. Sticking twopence and a penny onto the packets, was my job, ready for them to go into the vending machines in pubs and clubs nationwide. I wonder who can remember those days? It was mundane, but the people I worked with were fun, and had very colourful lives outside of the factory. I learnt a lot about life in the short time I was there. 
Clearing clutter has also been on my radar this week, I have such a mountain of stuff all over the place I've had to be really strict. If its not useful, or of sentimental value I've either binned it, or passed it on. Over the coming months I need to do a lot more before we turn the corner into the winter months as it'll be easier to do whilst the weather is mild. 

Next week then. I've made a note to myself to try and stick to the list, and not veer off along the way doing something else. I will try, honest I will. Let me make it clearer to myself this week.

1. Write 1000 new words.
2. Edit a novel chapter.
3. Plan menus, and shop online accordingly.
4. Go for three 20 minute walks
5. Flash fiction, 150 words required for Saturday morning. 
6. Listen to a podcast
7. #Writingchat
8. Clear more clutter!
9. Get in the pool three times.
10. Book a day out with a friend

I'm going to do better this week. How did you do?


  1. I think you're too hard on yourself. Why not prioritise 3 - 5 targets and anything else you complete is a bonus? Or maybe that's me being too lazy!

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. If your back has flared up again then you need to pace yourself. I've been similarly suffering the last few months and I'm struggling to keep up to date with all my work. Pain wears you down. Take care.

  3. I think you managed well with a sore back, Maria. Good luck with what you hope to achieve this week.

  4. I agree with the first comment. Your list is too long! Well done for what you did achive, though, especially since you were in pain. I had a abit of a burnout week, too, so I made sure I did a yoga nidra (my friend and fellow teacher has recorded a CD of this), and it lifted my spirits no end. Onwards!

  5. Congrats on getting so much done. :-)


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