Sunday, 17 April 2016

Catching Up!

Love Spring  
I haven't updated my blog for almost a month! Ever since Spring arrived, and the clocks went forward, it's all gone to pot! Why?

Partly because I've been  trying to stick to my new self imposed rules - I must do thirty minutes on my novel before I do any other writing. It's been working, the novel is on the move again, and I'm writing other bits and bobs time permitting. I did have to make some small adjustment though, as it's impossible to commit to writing every single day.

So, what else have I been doing?

What am I reading? Well, a few things, my reading style is the same as my writing style, I'm a butterfly that likes to flit around. So, I've listened to Peter May's Coffin Road  whilst I've been driving, cooking or ironing. It's about a murder in the Outer Hebrides, and it's got a fabulous opening hook in the first sentence.

I'm currently reading Baggy Pants & Bootees by Marilyn Chapman in paperback form which I'm thoroughly enjoying, firstly because it's a time slip story, set in two eras I really love - the 1960's and the 1940's, and secondly because I love the characters. I recently met the author and told her I was a slow reader. Well I am. Slow. Probably because I'm not reading one book at a time.

I'm also enjoying, on my Kindle  The Eternal by Mark Chadbourn more horror than fantasy, it's dark, with non stop action. I'm so loving this story.

And then I'm also Beta reading a novel written by one of my writing buddies. And I can't say very much about that at the moment, other than it's full of werewolves and vampires. So right up my street! You can't beat a good dose of Urban Fantasy.

On my bedside table, I have a couple of non-fiction books I'm dipping in and out of too. Scrivener for Dummies and Legendary Quotations which is a tiny little book, i picked up in a charity shop, which does not name the author, it just says; from Lloyds Bank, but has some fabulous quotes.

Here are two towards the beginning of the book that make me smile.

You know's rather like opening a can of sardines. We are all looking for the key

- Alan Bennett

What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out. 

- Alfred Hitchcock 

So this post is more about reading, than writing, still words, but sometimes, a change is as good as a rest. What are you all reading?

And what are your favourite quotes?  Do share with me, I'm on the lookout for my next audiobook, and paperback reads.


  1. Reading is as important as writing in my book Maria. Since your last post I have read an old classic which I never read in my youth - The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy, which I really enjoyed. Then I read two books by Eleanor Stewart- Kicking the Habit and New Habits. As you may guess from the title she was a nun and trained as a midwife whilst in service. She eventually realised that being a nun wasn't for her and this is her story. Having been educated by nuns I found this fascinating. Then I read Elizabeth is Missing (see my earlier blog) and at the moment I'm reading The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith. I must admit I'm more interested in the back story of the detective Cormoran Strike and his secretary, Robin than in the murder. I'm doing my writing homework, which is all I seem to be able to write these days, but I'm happy with that. Keep at it; you are doing really well.

  2. Oh...werewolves and vampires. My fav too.

    I'll give you SAVING MAGGIE for a shoutout for my newest title *wink*

  3. Fantastic quotes, I do love a good one. One of my favourites: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it." A great idea to write 30 minutes on your novel before you do any other writing. Little routines like that can make an immense difference over time. I've just started reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". Reading Eva Ibbotson and Gill Lewis to the children, both absolutely brilliant. And I love anything by Barbara Kingsolver, most recently "The Poisonwood Bible". I just finished "Black Eyed Susans", a thriller, really enjoyed it. Wishing you a good and productive week Maria. CJ xx

  4. A thirty minutes a day rule sounds like a good idea. Maybe I should try something like that for my long term projects?

  5. You're so disciplined! I'm reading Ghostwritten by David Mitchell. It came before Cloud Atlas, but is very similar in that it has interlinking stories. Great stuff, but there's a lot of words! I'm going to for something frivolous next.

  6. Good luck with the thirty minutes every day rule, Maria. Sometimes when I was writing my novel, I left too long a gap in between writing and I had to spend time 'getting back into it'. That's when I'd be tempted back to a short story!


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