Sunday, 5 June 2016

Where Did May Go?

Seriously, where did May go?

Looking back, life just got crazy for me. Leicester City won the Premier League on 2nd May 2016, 
and the city went bananas!

Seriously, it affected everyone and everything around here. Regardless of whether you're a fan or not, you couldn't help getting caught up in the spirit of it. 
After three weeks of celebrations, I realised I couldn't catch up. It's been fantastic though, very up lifting. 

I've also been doing a fair amount of travelling with the day job, and as anyone who works away from home will know, it's draining, both mentally and physically, and nothing gets done at home while you're away either.

On a positive, I've read a lot, and as all writing folk know, reading is vital. It stokes the fire, lots of reading means good writing. I've had a trip out to Brighton, to see the premier of a short film written by a writer I met earlier this year, and I've attended a few Phoenix Writers sessions too. So not a total wipeout in May. 

Does anyone else feel like time is getting away from them at an alarming rate? I've had a lot of time-suckers this month, and going forward I've got to address things before I go insane. I'm always doing something, but I'm getting nothing done! What's that all about? 

I need a fresh start. But. I can't count today, it's been beautiful, the sun shone brightly, and I've done nothing other than get my hair cut. Afterwards, instead of knuckling down to the housework, and generally catching up with household chores, I spent time outside basking in the beauty of the day. I read my book, sat around, drank tea and ate cake! And, you know what? I feel a lot better for it. 

However, I'm back on it now. There will be writing.

What are you up to this week? 


  1. Hi Maria - Leicester have hit the 'fame' map recently haven't they ... that football run was amazing and congratulations to them .. no wonder you got caught up in the mix.

    Being away isn't easy ... and as you say nothing gets done at home. I'd love to know what film you came down to see in Brighton or if you could give me the link to it ... email is my name without hyphen at the googling mail!

    Looks like wonderful weather this week too .. enjoy ... but time is disappearing ... have a good week - Hilary

  2. I think just about everyone was happy for Leicester - what a fabulous day!
    We've waited so long for this weather, I think you're fully justified in getting out there and enjoying it for a while :-) xx

  3. Wow, you have been busy, Maria! Good for you, making most of the sunshine. So pleased you are feeling refreshed after a hectic month. Wishing you lots of writing time. Have a lovely week.

  4. Hi Maria,

    Leicester city winning the Premier League makes for the most remarkable achievement in Premier League history. Incredible and an inspiration to all underdog teams. Having been born in Chelsea and giving up the title, was okay by me knowing that a team like Leicester won it.

    Travelling, of course, can be some excellent inspiration for your writing prowess. You've had your travels and now you're just about ready to get into the writing groove.

    Of course, with the weather we're having, even "oop" north, a bit more relaxation is just the tonic. Good to see your momentum is building up in a most positive way.

    My week shall be somewhat dedicated to formulating further plans in regards to a trip to Vancouver in September.

    All the best, Maria.


  5. Hi Maria - How I sympathise! I too feel like there are never enough hours in the day to do everything I want. Unfortunately I've got no constructive suggestions, except don't be too hard on yourself!

  6. I feel like I'm running just to stand still at the moment, although I've managed a couple of days out to recharge the batteries. Well done for sitting still while the sun shines.

  7. It's scary how time just gets away from you isn't it. I have many days like that! Just had half term, so of course almost nothing was done. And now there are seven short weeks until the summer holidays. I really need to make the most of them. I wrote on my "To-do" list today - Make A Plan. Hmm. It will need to be a good one! I feel as though I'm wasting a lot of time because I'm not focused in any particular direction. I need to work out exactly what I should be doing. And then do it. Wishing you a good week Maria. CJ xx

  8. Even Nottingham people were happy for Leicester's success. :)

    Half way through the year already, and so much done, and so little done at the same time.

    Sometimes just sitting down and relaxing is beneficial to writing, as it's easy to get exhausted from trying to do too much. So enjoy the sunshine. :-)

  9. Hi Maria - I so completely agree with you but not just where did May go but where did the first half of the year go?

    Nice to have something to celebrate in the league - I think everyone was hoping that Leicester would win towards the end, and so glad it wasn't whipped away from them at the last moment.

    I've been trying to set myself weekly goals so I can keep on top of my writing, but I'm only one week in and already behind!

    Good luck with carving out some time.


  10. I reckon an occasional break and making the most of a lovely day are as important as getting on with the work. My excuse - I'm sticking to it!

  11. The Leicester City title win was brilliant. I think most football fans got behind them, when it looked like they were doing so well. Enjoy the weather, housework can wait!

  12. Sounds like May was a blast. Congratulations to Leicester City!! Football mania is starting again in my household. European Cup starts Friday. Lots of reading and writing in my corner, I think. Even the neighbour's put his flag pole and German flag up. That's when I know I'm in serious trouble. As you can tell, I love football - NOT!!

    Have a wonderful June, Maria!


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