Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Six Questions, Six Answers

Just for fun, six questions, and six answers.

1. What can you see out of the window? My pear tree, we inherited the tree when we moved into the house thirteen years ago, and so far it has given us fruit every year in September. The bounty varies from year to year, but there is always enough to share with the neighbours.

2. Choose five words to describe yesterday.  Writing, rain, friends, pilates, relax.

3. What was the last conversation you had? I spoke to my daughter, she's been home from University for the summer, and working every spare minute she can, so we haven't had much time to catch up, and it's almost time she went back again.

4.  What are you wearing? Yoga pants and a long sleeved Nike top.

5.   Has anyone inspired you in the last week? Anne Rainbow has, by publishing her book! The RedPen Way is on Amazon and today it's FREE to download  so go quickly, because it's a great book for writers. Showing you a simple and systematic way to edit your words.

6.  What have I been grateful for in the last week? 

Time spent at the swimming pool.
Music - Rediscovering Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
Feeling better physically than I have for months.
Breathing fresh unpolluted air.
Spending time with people that make me happy.
The rain! For making it easy to pull out the weeds.
Comfy pyjamas.

It's good to be grateful, and keeps you interested in life.

Plans for the week ahead

Due to a heavy workload from my day job, early starts and changed arrangements. I'll be happy if I get to write for two hours this week. I already know it will be time snatched early in the mornings, or very late at night. Something is better than nothing though...

I'm ploughing on with the exercise, pool work, pilates and generally trying to keep fit. I've made an appointment to discuss a gym programme later in the month. Don't panic, I said I've made an appointment, not joined the triathlon team. I have somehow got to shoe horn my busy life into something more efficient and manageable.                                                                                                                                                          

Anyway, have a good week all, catch up wth you soon

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