Sunday, 2 July 2017

3 Ways to Make More Time for Passions

Wouldn't it be great if you could free up an extra hour here and there? With a bit of thought most of us can free up enough time to relax or follow something that makes us feel happy and less stressed, which is good for our health and well-being. Let's look at ways we can simplify our lives today, so that tomorrow we can begin to spend more time on our passions.

1. Trim It Back - Household chores don't need to be done every day, or even every few days. Pushing the vacuum around once a week is sufficient for most of us without children. Some of you will be wincing, but try it for one week and put the time saved to better use. If it's a real issue, tweak it, so that you vacuum every fifth day instead. Take a look at all of your weekly tasks, make a note of how long they take, and see what you can trim back. Over time, you'll be saving precious hours. Better still, outsource it - if you can afford it, get a cleaner.

2. Shop like a Boss  - Give online grocery shopping a go, but don't stop there. All manner of things can be purchased online these days. Need a new garden rake? No problem, do your research via a search engine, find the product you want and buy it! From the comfort of your armchair you've probably spent thirty minutes, it's a good idea to set a limit on how long you look as too much time browsing is different problem entirely. In a day or two you'll have the item you want delivered to the door.

As for the grocery shop, there is so much to gained by doing your weekly shop online. No traffic for starters, no fuel being used, which is better for your wallet and for the planet! No adding things to the trolley that you don't really need, and no lugging it out of the trolley, onto the conveyer, and then back into the trolley once you've packed it, and lugging it back to the car. Not to mention dragging it out of the car into the house. It's so much easier on your back, your wallet and the planet to spend half an hour shopping on line, five minutes answering the door to the delivery driver and not much longer putting everything away.

3. Manage Your Inbox -  Don't despise your email - don't let it manage you! Here are a few things you can do. If you want to receive less in your inbox - send less email. Seriously, have a think about it, do you really need to reply all?

Checking and responding to emails at certain times of the day will free up more of your time than you realise. Decide what times they'll be, and stick to it for a few weeks. Resist the urge to see if Amazon has sent you details of it's latest book deal, or if your favourite blogs have posted. Instead, set a specific time when you will sit down with a cup of tea and go through your inbox.

Create a new folder where you can store newsletters and articles for reading later, perhaps on your phone in the waiting room at the dentist, or when you're on the sidelines, waiting for your children to finish their sport.

It goes without saying that it's good practice to unsubscribe from any emails you no longer want to read. Be that from the shop that sold you a fridge six months ago, or a regular newsletter on 'Living with Relatives/Warts/A Labrador' after all you may not need another electrical appliance in your life, the relative has moved out, the warts have disappeared and the Labrador is now settled. You can clean up your mailbox during those boring moments in life, such as the TV commercials, although many are often better than the programmes!

And don't forget to reschedule your schedule now you've got more time. It's important to add in the things you want to do, be that reading or writing, or relaxing.

Perhaps you have some time saving tips to share?


  1. Great tips, shopping online is a huge timesaver I think. IF there's room in the freezer I make double of things and freeze one lot so that there's a really quick tea another day. I was just thinking today that I'd really like some time to do a little calligraphy every week, it's something I enjoy. But I think I need to use my time a little better. CJ xx

  2. I have an elderly friend (80) who has 'work schedules' for her homes chores. It is just her and an elderly husband and I keep telling her she does not have to dust every other day, but I think she thinks it makes her feel useful. I'd rather be a slug at this point in my life, lol.

  3. On that last one, organization really is the key to saving time. Without being organized, I'd be drowning right now, not that I'm doing more than keeping my chin above water, but we do the best we can, eh?

  4. I'm really keen to get my writing more organised now that we're a bit more settled - will definitely be making more time for it!

  5. I'm a great fan of a quick squirt of room spray and Hoovering up the middle; it hides a multitude of sins. Also on the housework front, if you keep the hallway tidy, people will assume the rest of the house is the same! I used to work with someone who had a circular plate on their desk on which were the words 'This is a Round Tuit. Everyone should get one.'

  6. Ah, yes, the tyranny of the inbox. One of the problems I find with instant transmission of incoming messages is that it feels impolite not to reply instantly. It definitely helps to switch off the wifi if I want to concentrate on writing. Then when I log back in I find I can rattle through the replies more efficiently than if I dealt with each one individually.


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