Reflecting On The A to Z Challenge 2013

April was hectic, a month spent blogging every day, except Sunday, mostly on the topic of writing. It was fun, it was tiring, it was a wonderful opportunity to push myself to see if I could do it again.
My second A to Z challenge. What have I learnt this year?

  • I like writing non-fiction. I want to pursue it further.
  • I'm capable of meeting deadlines, I can do routine.
  • I can follow a brief
  • I really should have written a few posts ahead of the game, writing daily doesn't suit me, even though I thought it did.
  • Contrary to my best intentions, I still couldn't visit many blogs
  • The A - Z bloggers are awesome, I have made many more writing friends


When I visited other peoples blogs, I noticed quite a few weren't following the rules, I suspect some were not visiting many or any blogs, and certainly not starting with the blog below their own. The truth is, it is very difficult to do everything. Perhaps we need another month afterwards to read and comment on the posts. I am still visiting blogs whenever I can. 

Some blogs were difficult to read, black backgrounds with white text didn't work for me, I struggled to read them. It was also very hard to comment on some platforms, some Wordpress bloggers struggled to post here as well. Word varification on blogger was a nightmare. Much worse than last year. 


I checked my stats, and I got many more visitors than usual, although numbers dwindled as the month wore on towards the end. I've followed several new blogs myself, and I have gained some new followers too. Overall the A - Z challenge has been as good as I remembered it to be last year.

I had fun, and isn't that what it was all about?

All that remains, is for me to thank the organisers, and all the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the challenge as successful as it is, and I'll be doing it again next year. If you haven't done it before, put a note in your diary for next year. Sign up and give it a go!


  1. Hi Maria,

    Almost two in the morning and so I hope I get a bonus point for commenting at this ridiculous time.

    Indeed, those other fine folks bringing further awareness of the alphabet, like your good self, are commended by me.

    Rules? Of course, I suspect that there were a few doing the A to Z for the wrong reasons. It saddens me to think that some just used it as a tool for self-promoting and didn't embrace the ideals of a sharing, caring blogging community.

    Ironically, even though I didn't and would never participate, during the month of April, my comments and visits went way up. So, my friend, we share that.

    Much respect to you and those who got involved. Happy blogging and take good care.

    Gary :)

  2. I like deadlines too, and as a result, accomplished a lot in April in addition to the A-Z. But it was an exhausting, crazy month! Discovered a community I had no idea existed.

  3. Great reflections Maria.
    Fun and pushing yourself. Those are always two good things to put together. I had to keep reminding myself it was called a challenge for a reason.. and not worry when i found bits of the month challenging!
    Well done on completing your second year. I'm not confirming I'll do next year yet but am thinking now might be the best time to draft them! Afterall I've nothing else I'm trying to write during May have I..
    Enjoy the rest of your blogging year.
    Till the next time!

  4. I found this year s A to Z much tougher than last year. I had too many bloggers to visit. It was a physical impossibility unless I'd given up sleeping and eating for the month and that was never going to happen!

  5. Hey Maria,

    it was interesting reading your reflections, the positive and negatives.

    My problem was April was a busy month with weddings and hen dos, which I helped organised which meant between working, commitments and not being at all organised with my posts I found it hard to keep up. This meant I didn't get round to as many blogs as I wanted. The one of the ones near me didn't seem to be doing any posts?? I was surprised to see some people hadn't turned off the word verification.

    I have discovered some new great blogs though. I would like to do it again next year but only I'm organised.

    I definitely think you need to write more fiction. I really enjoyed your short story and meeting Ziekel too, actually I didn't enjoy meeting him, he was nasty but I'm intrigued...

    Kate :)

  6. You asked for another month and they gave you eleven.

    The challenge is to visit all the blogs that signed up on the A-Z.

  7. Great recap! I agree about needing more time to write posts in advance. I'd only heard about and joined the Challenge a few days before it started.

    I'm with you on the tough-to-read sites, too. Blogs with red or black backgrounds are very hard on my eyes and leave after-images.

    Love your new About Me photo!

    A to Z lives on! - Liebster Award nominees
    The Daille-y News

  8. I agree about the fun as that, for me, was all really about, that and seeing if I could mange to keep it up.

    1. I agree it was about the fun for me too!

  9. I found the same positives and negatives, and I agree with my dear buddy Gary that it's unfortunate how many join the Challenge for what they can receive as opposed to what they can give! Sigh. Congrats on two years, and glad for all that you learned. (I'm quickly learning that "learnt" is British for there! I learnt that ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge


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