You're Not Supposed to Sabotage Yourself!

Calke Abbey in November - Maria A Smith

Making plans means you get stuff done - which means you can relax and not worry about things. That's the theory, but it's easier said than done. Why? Because we don't stick to the plans we make, or the plan is flawed for any number of reasons, or perhaps the plan gets sabotaged. I'm holding my hand up. I didn't stick to my plan, and I did my very best to sabotage it! Read on and you'll see how I did it.

What I said I'd do and what I actually did...


# Blog - 2 posts, one to go live, and one to have in reserve - 2 hours - I managed 1 post in an hour.  The novel took priority. 

# Novel - Continue rearranging the novel in Scrivener  - 2 hours - Done in 6 hours 15 minutes, and it was very stressful! 

# Phoenix Writers Workshop Prep Work - Create two characters and a reason for why they are going away together - 1 hour  - Done in 20 minutes

# Phoenix Writers Group  - Saturday The workshop session  -  2 hours  - Done

On top of the above I also spent 2 hours putting together a writers workshop with a fellow writer, which we'll be rolling out at the end of the month. 

What I learnt last week...

I can push myself to get stuff done. I'm really pleased I've managed to rearrange my novel in Scrivener, it means I can start the rewrite, which is exciting, but also scary, and already that little devil on my shoulder is saying things like, 'are you really sure you want to change this novel to first person?' It's fear, I know it is, and I'm trying my best to ignore it. 

I committed myself to seven hours, but ended up doing 11 hours and thirty-five minutes in total. Which is fabulous. Great. Hurrah! Well no not really. 

I'm super pleased I achieved the target and got the novel preparation done, but, I worked into the early hours on several occasions, and worse, when I could of got on with my novel I procrastinated, made excuses and dodged doing it. Some of you will identify with it, the getting up and starting to clean things. Or tidy things, or eat things. Then I felt bad, and guilty, and stressed and ended up tired because I stayed up very late and made good my bad - I got it done. I don't want a repeat of the last week. 

Below is a list of the things I'd like to get done, and I'll be tackling things differently. I'm going to prioritise, do, stuff I need to do, and then fit the other stuff in if I can.  I must get to bed at a reasonable hour, and give time to other things that require my attention outside of writing.

You'll notice the things with times allocated are where things are taking place. I've purposely not put times against the writing. Let's see how I do with this revised plan of action for the week ahead.  


# Blog - Write 1 new post.

# Novel - Begin the rewrite, aim to complete a chapter. 

# Flash Fiction Challenge  - 50 Word Story

Writingchat  - 1 hour 

# Phoenix Writers Group - 2 hours

# 1-2-1 Mentoring Session - 1 hour

# Monthly Mentoring Group - 1 hour

Other random stuff I did last week...

# 2 x 1 hour pilates classes, and a lovely walk in the fresh air with my camera. 

# Lost 3lb at Slimming World! Feeling chuffed I got off to a good start. 

# Cooked a new recipe, Chicken Parmigiana & Spaghetti Bake which was delicious, and went down well with all the family. 

Best Foot Forward - Maria A Smith
Right, I'm off to start this weeks plan. Let me know how things are going for you?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


  1. Hi Maria - good luck with your new plans ... you look amazing walking with your best foot forward - take care and remember sleep is good too ... cheers Hilary

  2. Thank you Hilary, the temperatures have been very up and down here. I went out prepared!

  3. I'm in a panicky, stressed out phase at the moment. Just not enough time. I know, the same old story. But my anxiety is through the roof. I just need to put my head down and get writing, get the job I have under way and spend some time on my website, which I deleted so as to recreate in finer form. You can guess how that went. It sounds as though you had a productive week in the end, even if you had to push through the pain barrier. I'm wishing you good luck this week, and much productivity. CJ xx

  4. I do admire you writing these plans, Maria - wish I could keep to plans! Interesting that you're using Scrivener - I like the idea but wary of having to spend too long getting the hang of it.

  5. I recognise that desire to procrastinate and hence self-sabotage today. I've never had such sharp pencils. Lovely photo, by the way.

  6. It's so easy to procrastinate when we could have been writing and then we feel so cross with ourselves. I'm getting a bit better at noticing when I'm just messing about and either getting on with what I meant to do, or giving up and doing something worthwhile instead, but I think we all slip and waste time now and again. Perhaps we need to in some way?

  7. Hey, you came in under target for one of those goals, so that's good - and helps to make the 6 hours + not quite as bad. I'm useless at estimating time, so it's interesting to see how close (not so close) you're getting.

  8. Good luck with the rewrite, Maria. I've had a similar problem. Got my sci-fi book almost ready to go, but it needs one final tidy up, and I keep putting it off. And, when I do sit down to do the edit, I end up rewriting the first chapter which was perfectly fine in the first place! So, to procrastinate further, this month I'm doing NaNoWriMo again... sigh. So, I sympathise entirely, and I think your goals are excellent. Best wishes, Ruth


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