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Poof! The first quarter of 2018 has vanished and I don't feel like I've achieved much. This is the bit where I let out a HUGE sigh and say, 'I tried. I really did.' Feel frustrated and fed up and well you know, if you've ever experienced similar feelings, I don't need to tell you. You just want to put it all behind you.

I can list lots of reasons why January, February and March have been awful months for me, and not just on the writing front. But there's little point, instead it's time to move on, make a new plan and start moving forward.

What do I want to achieve in April? Well, I'd like to see some sunshine, and feel it's warmth on my skin for one, and here's a short list of writerly things I'd like to do over the next month.

  • Continue to re-write my novel in first person
  • Enter two competitions
  • Join in with #Writingchat (Twitter  - Wednesdays 8pm-9pm UK time) when I can 
  • Have a writerly day out
There's some other stuff I'm itching to do too, which has nothing to do with writing.

  • Start going for walks again 
  • Get out and about with my camera
  • Change my look
Now I'm off to write out a plan for the week ahead, and I'm keeping it simple.  

Do let me know how the first quarter of 2018 went for you, and what your plans are for the month of April? 


  1. I don't seem to have achieved as much as I'd have liked, but that said there are still many positive things. And it's the start of a whole new quarter. As you say, onwards! My plans for April include working on my fiction writing every day. I did have a little unbroken chain going, but then I forgot, and so I've missed a couple of days. I am starting anew, as of now. I also want to get a new website done for my non-fiction writing. I have a more general one already, but I want to create one directed at a niche - this is what everyone says is a good idea... we shall see. I do have a writerly day out planned, there's a local literary festival, and I'm going. Can't tell you how excited I am. I NEVER have a day out for/by myself. I love the idea of a new look as well. I've been toying with the idea of cutting my hair. What's the worst that could happen..? I'm wishing you a lovely weekend and a good April. I hope you get through your list and that things are easier for you this quarter. CJ xx

    1. Hey CJ, it all sounds very good and organised at your end.
      I'm ready for a change, I'm uninspired by my hair and I really need some new clothes but I'm not good at 'styling' anything!
      Enjoy your day out, it'll be fantastic.

  2. I didn't even think of it being the first quarter. I rarely feel like I've achieved much. I hope to finish my novel first draft in this next few months. I'd love to send a short story to a competition but I've been struggling and panicing I won't finish a story to send. I have two book tours on my blog coming up so that's going well. I always seem to be working Wednesdays and miss #writingchat I think we all could be more positive and like you look ahead and the next goals and things. All the best. Stay positive

  3. It's been a wretched few months for everyone, I think. Good for you for moving on and thinking about fresh new looks! I've just been for a lovely long walk in the sunshine and it's done me the power of good. Go for it!

  4. Changing your look sounds interesting - what are you planning?

    I've come to a grinding halt with my writing, although I sort of know what I need/want to do, I'm just not getting it right yet. I guess that's my April goal, once my bathroom is decorated :-/

  5. I'm also looking forward to better weather and I also need a makeover, but I hate shopping for clothes: those mirrors! Good luck with the competitions; perhaps we'll end up on a short list together somewhere.

  6. That you tried is more important than what you did, or didn't, achieve. I hope the next few months are much better for you than the last ones were.

  7. Hi Maria, thanks for your comment today, lovely to hear from you, but sorry that your back has been so bad. My partner has suffered with chronic back pain in the past so I know how completely debilitating it can be. I do hope it improves very soon.

    The literary festival was REALLY inspiring, I absolutely loved it. It was only a small one, in the local village school, but all the better for that I think as it made it all more intimate and personal. I joined ALLi afterwards, as an associate member, and I've been writing every single evening since 1 April, which is good. It's the only time I have for fiction really at the moment. I am still toying with the idea of a writing website. Oh but if only there was more time! Next month I'm off to another couple of local writing events to hear local authors speak, which should be good. I've found other things I could go to, but it's tricky with partner/children at the moment. Maybe one day when they have less things on or are more independent!

    Lovely to hear from you, and I hope things get back on track for you soon. You've had a lot to contend with lately I think. CJ xx


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